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flood donations in Pakistan


How to Help Flood-Affected Victims in Pakistan

There is nothing more heartbreaking than the images of floods in Pakistan. My heart is with the victims, their families, and Pakistanis everywhere. It’s a huge calamity. 70 per cent of our country is underwater. Everyone has to step up and work to help out humanity

Massive loss of human life, and resources in these floods… UN highlights every aspect of this human tragedy.

There are no words to describe the images coming from Pakistan, they are so devastating. Having been through a lot, we can tell you this: It doesn’t get any worse than this. Stay safe and pray for those affected by these floods. In this struggle, we wish you safety and want you to know that you are not alone.

As we continue to witness the devastating effects of flooding in Pakistan, we feel helpless. It is devastating for the flood victims, but it is also hard to imagine what the aftermath may hold for them and their communities. Those who have lost loved ones or homes in this crisis, as well as those who are struggling with this tragedy on a personal level, are in our thoughts and prayers.

Let us all be aware of how our actions affect those around us and let us remember that we all have the power to make a difference.

The images from the floods in Pakistan are so sad, and we can’t help but feel for everyone who’s been affected by the destruction. May Allah protect everyone during this difficult time!

The absence of government to be on the streets with the people

What are the provincial governments doing to tackle flooding in general and urban flooding? What is the federal government doing to tackle this disaster? My point of view is that there is so much mistrust of the people who are in power, who have abused their power, authority and money over the years. Now showing themselves on camera and pretending to be affected by the floods is mere drama.

Nawaz Sharif Urges Financially Able Elite for Flood Donations Donates Nothing. Ahsan Iqbal Urges to donate, Kanwal Shozab Urges Overseas Pakistanis to Donate Nothing.

Many have made these natural tragedies a source of their income in the past. They gathered donations that were never given to the world’s needy people. This time around, people are keen to donate but they do not trust most of the teams in the field. This, in its own way, is worse than floods.

Who is in the Field Today

  1. AlKhidmat foundation
  2. PM
  3. Army Chief
  4. Murad Ali Shah (he is working round the clock)
  5. Sharjeel Memon in Hyderabad
  6. Bilawal Bhutto
  7. AD Nowshehra Quratulain
  8. Ghalib Sheikh
  9. Hands in Pakistan NGO
  10. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Junior
  11. TLP
  12. Sahara Foundation
  13. Dawn News
  14. JDC Foundation
  15. Akhuwat
  16. Fixit
  17. PISE

I am sorry to say, it doesn’t matter who was in the field or who wasn’t. What matters the most is that the people who are in the fields actually contribute anything else other than screen time or publicity. Most of them are well established themselves. What have they done on a personal level and what have we done on a personal level to help the nation helps the most?

All verified bank accounts for flood donations

Which ones are the most reliable flood relief organizations working in South Punjab, Balochistan, and Sindh? And how can one donate to them?

PM Flood Relief Funds

Edhi Foundation

Account Title: Abdul Sattar Edhi Foundation

Account No: 0031-79000171-03

Bank Name: HBL

Branch Name: Rampart Row Branch – Karachi


IBAN : PK61HABB0000317900017103



Account Title: Chhipa Welfare Association

Bank Name : Meezan Bank

Account No. : 0103970978

Branch Code : 0148

IBAN: PK58MEZN0001480103970978

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Account Title: Chhipa Welfare Association

Bank Name: Meezan Bank

Account No.: 0103970917

Branch Code: 0148

IBAN: PK56MEZN0001480103970917

Saylani Trust

Account Title: Saylani Welfare International Trust

Bank: Habib Bank LTD.

Branch: Dhoraji Colony Islamic Banking Branch, Karachi

Branch Code: 5010

Account No.: 50107900261955

Al-Khidmat Foundation

Bank Name: Meezan Bank

Branch Code: 0214

Account number: 0101095120


IBAN: PK94MEZN0002140101095120

JDC Foundation

Account Title: JDC Welfare Org.

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Bank: Bank Al-Habib Ltd.

Branch: Main Water Pump Branch, Karachi

Account No.: 1031-0081-011633-01-2

IBAN: PK11 BAHL 1031 0081 0116 3301


Local and private organizations like Alkhidmat, Edhi, and JDC have done exceptional work, but Army has the deepest reach physically to the directly affected and remote areas.

In addition to supporting private organizations to help the displaced and survivors, the Army must also be supported to help rescue operations and people stuck in remote areas.

I would request everyone to remember the Army relief camps while donating. We need donations at both ends. Many, including myself, are angry at the Army, but it’s time to temporarily put our differences aside for the sake of humanity.

Flood Donation Collection Points Established by Pakistan Army in 5 Corps Area

Even though I disagree with the Army’s policies and political indulgence, I would like to acknowledge that Army is the only state institution doing its best for flood relief, and the only one you can trust with your donations.

North of Naushero Feroze Eight donation camps has been established for flood affectees.

1. Dist Khairpur
Camp – Khpr City.
Lt Col Zain -03347437577
2. Dist KSK
Camp – Kambar, old DC Office.
Lt Col Waleed -03374633923
3. Dist Larkana
Camp – Pilot School, Lrk.
Lt Col Umer – 03215335796
4. Dist Sukker
Camp – Bhakkar Island, Skr.
Lt Col Umer -03215075170
5. Dist Jacobabad
Camp – Shahbaz Air base, Jcb.
Maj Ali – 03480429574
6. Dist N/Feroze
Camp – Cct house, NFeroze.
Lt Col Qaiser – 03002865828
7. Dist Kmr
Camp – Kandhkot city.
Maj Usama – 03225142428
8. Dist Shkpr
Camp – Shkpr city.
Lt Col Rizwan – 03020639393

South of N Feroze (except for Karachi) Flood donation collection camps have been established at 15 Locations for flood affectees.

1. Dist Thatta
Camp – Main Bazar
Maj Sherdil –
2. Dist Badin
Camp – Badin City
Capt Mahad

3&4. Dist Tharparker
Camps – Main markets & Mithi City
Lt Abbas
5. Dist TAY
Camp – CCT House
Capt Mohsin
6. Dist Dadu
Camp – SP Chowk Dadu
Capt Khizar
7. Dist SBA
Camp – Sheraz Chowk SBA
Capt Furqan
8. Dist Mitiari
Camp – Bhit Shah, Teh Hala
Maj Ali
9. Dist Sanghar
Camp – Vocational Trg Centre
Capt Abdul Wahab
10. Dist Jmr
Camp – Vill Lakha
Capt Ali Hamza
11. Dist Mirpurkhaas
Camp – Mango Hall
Maj Jawad
12. Dist Sujawal
Camp – Main Rd Thatta to Sajawal
Maj Amir Iqbal
13. Dist TMK
Camp – Main Bazar
Maj Feroz
0334 5177422

14. Dist Hyderabad
Camp – Pak Chowk
Maj Zain
15. Dist Umerkot
Camp – Dist HQ UKt
Capt Yazdan

In the Malir Flood donation collection camps are being established at 11 Locations for flood affectees.

1-5. Karachi / Malir
Camp A – Toyota Chowk Bin Qasim
Capt Ahmed – 03205000450
Camp B – Falak Naz Chowk
Capt Kashif- 03172797561
Camp C – CP-5 Mlr Cantt
Lt Ghayas – 03102182435
Camp D & E – 126 Lt at M-9 Toll Plaza (on both sides of the rd)
Capt Junaid – 03062864584
6-8. Dist East
Camp F – Mazar-e-Quaid
Capt Azhar – 03165210572
Camp G- Bahadurabad
Capt Haider – 03129792289
Camp H – Nipa Chorangi
Lt Haider – 03129792289
9-11. Dist Korangi – 162 SCR
Camp l – Model Colony
Capt Muazzam

Camp J – Shah Faisal Colony
Capt Aqeel -03262432536
Camp K – Brooks Chorangi, Korangi
Capt Asad – 03218766787

7 donation camps have been established for Flood affectees

1-3. Dist South
Camp A – Commercial Avenue, Ph 4, DHA
Lt Abdul Wahab –
Camp B – DHA Ph VI
Nsub Adnan
Contact no: 03458708207
Camp C – Near DJ Science College, Saddar
N/sub Tanveer
Contact no: 03149472693
4. Dist Cen
Camp – Children Education Centre, block F, North Nazimabad
Lt Abdullah –
5-6. Dist West
Camp – Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Govt College Orangi Town
N/Sub Munawwar –
Camp – MPCP – 5 Mlr Cantt
N/Sub Shahid Raza
Contact no: 03055970110

7. Dist South
Camp – Out Side Staff Lines, Lucky Star, Saddar Kci
Lt Col Usman 03337639179 &
Maj Irfan 03448980331

Initially, the camps will function from 0900-2100 hrs for 1-2 days and then timings will be adjusted later as per turn out. No cash/cheques will be accepted. Contributions in kind may please be deposited.

Lastly, a small contribution is for motivation purposes only.

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