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10 Ways to charge your RV

As an RV enthusiast and user, as well as an RV self-media practitioner, I wrote the most basic electric knowledge introduction for RVs, as well as the advantages and disadvantages and choices of 12V, 48V, and 400V RV life battery voltage levels. This discussion on the charging method of the RV life batteries and rv solar panels is only a reference for readers and RV enthusiasts.

Taking the 12V RV chassis and the 48V RV life battery as an example, 10 charging methods for the RV life battery are listed at this stage.

Ten ways to charge 48V RV life battery

  1. 12V boost module charging

Looking at the current 12V RV chassis, there are 110A, 130A, and 220A onboard generators, as well as 150A, double on-board generators. The RV factory purchases the chassis to save money, and it also uses a smaller driving charging power, which should be paid special attention to.

Advantages: The 12V driving generator can charge the 48V life battery after boosting, the principle is simple, the wiring is simple, and the operation is convenient. For the required boost and buck modules, search various electrical equipment companies on the Internet, at Ma Yun’s home, or in various self-media, or RV forums, there are also many players selling them.

Disadvantages: Using a boost or buck module, there is a problem with conversion efficiency, and the stability of the boost and buck module is also prone to problems.

  • 12V inverter 110V AC after charging

Advantages: Theoretically, it is quite good. Regardless of the power frequency and high frequency, there are a lot of inverters, and the efficiency is quite high.

Disadvantages: Maybe the inverter is too expensive and the size is not small. I personally have not seen this method used by riders, but riders have discussed this charging method.

  • 48V DC driving with the help of a generator for charging

Advantages: Leveraging a generator is a good thing, it can charge five kWh in one hour, and it has such a relatively high charging power. And 48V compared to 12V, the current is reduced, the heat dissipation is small, and the loss is also reduced.

Disadvantages: The RV market is too small, and chassis manufacturers do not develop it at all. I personally see that some players in the private sector have modified it themselves, which requires enough space in the engine compartment, and strictly speaking, unauthorized modification is illegal, and the car will lose the warranty.

  • 110V AC driving with the help of a generator for charging

The advantages and disadvantages of this are similar to those of the 48V borrowed generator above. I only learned about it after a car friend left a message. I think this one he has studied is also very good.

For RV practitioners: There are fewer RV R&D personnel researching generators and inverters, and there are still more RV players. It is necessary to develop RVs. Investment is the real technology.

  • Solar photovoltaic panel charging

Advantages: With the rapid development of science and technology, solar panels have been reduced from more than $7 per watt in the earliest stage to $0.5 per watt now. The price is cheap, and the installation and wiring are simple and convenient. And the power generation is also good. According to the actual measurement of the riders, the solar energy on the roof of the car is 840 watts, and the limit of power generation is 5 kWh per day.

Disadvantages: With the word RV, the price will be doubled or tripled. Do not seek the best, as long as the most expensive is in line with the identity and face of some RV players, RV manufacturers also use this as a selling point. Domestic production, OEM US users like it, only have a face.

People trampling during installation, natural hail in actual use, cracks caused by rubbing branches, broken fences, and reduced power generation. The installation of the RV factory is irregular, and the hot spot effect and temperature effect are rarely considered, not to mention the inclination angle. The best Portable solar panels for home and RV. The after-sales service is still poor, so after-sales: not to mention the reduction in power generation caused by the broken board, but to say that as long as it can generate electricity, it doesn’t matter how much power it generates.

  • Wind Turbine Charging

Advantages: Suitable for some special players, such as self-driving RV to Lhasa, Chuanjinqing exit 318, 109 all the way, on mountains above 4000 altitudes, Zheduo Mountain, Dongda Mountain, Kazila Mountain, etc., the wind is very strong; even if In the small town of Lulang, Nyingchi, the wind is not small, and the wind turbine will generate electricity at night.

Disadvantages: It is reasonable if it exists. In theory, it feels good and the price is cheap. However, few actual riders have installed it, and no specific measured usage and power generation is given.

  • Mains charging

Use the 110V socket at home or work to charge, the only thing to pay attention to is the 10A and 16A sockets with different sizes of sockets.

  • charging pile

With the development of new energy vehicles, there are many charging piles in high-speed service areas, and there are also unified standards. It is recommended to leave a charging pile charging interface for RVs.

  • Electric vehicle range extender charging

Advantages: Electric vehicle range extenders are cheap, small in size, and have high power generation. There are 6000W or 8000W ones. Searching a lot of these things on the Internet is like a generator. In addition, it can be started remotely, controlled by one button, the fuel tank can be separated, and the size of the fuel tank can be customized. If it is a gasoline chassis, it can also share the main fuel tank gasoline to generate electricity.

Disadvantages: The noise resonance is not small, and compared with portable generators, if the inverter is damaged, the reliability of 110V AC power for RVs will be reduced. RV batteries might also be what you need.

  1. Portable Generator Charging

Advantages: Portable and convenient, multi-functional, multi-purpose. Regardless of gasoline generators, gas generators have, search a lot.

Disadvantages: Even if the imported generator, generator charges the mobile phone with little noise, and the air conditioner or induction cooker has a large noise resonance, many RV players have eliminated the generator.

Personal prejudice: Don’t be superstitious about the 20,000 and 100,000 RV special generators imported from Japan, and the silent generators are just jokes and business gimmicks.

Final summary:

At this stage, it is recommended to choose to increase the RV chassis of the onboard generator at all costs. If there is a need to connect to the mains, the charging power of the mains should also be increased; you can consider installing a charging pile interface, or you can consider installing a light panel. For wind turbines, or borrowed generators and range extenders, due to stability, it can be carefully considered. I am just an RV enthusiast and user. Due to the limitations of my knowledge, the content I write may not be 100% correct, and with the rapid development of science, the back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves, and the current technologies and opinions may be replaced one day. For example, after the arrival of the new energy chassis RV, everything needs to be re-learned and understood.

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Safety first, the road to simplicity; Happiness because of simplicity; Freedom because of RVs; Too little because of wanting too much.

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