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Chindi Chor Tosha Khan Day Light Robbery

chindi chor

When small men get catapulted to big offices, they disgrace themselves and disgrace their offices in the process. What a disgrace Tosha Khan has been. The man who used to walk barefoot in Madina to profess his piousness to his cult sells this off for a quick buck. The Islamic Touch was always about getting power and making money for Imran Khan. The gift house’s gift set auction was an amazing antic of idiots in charge.

I am absolutely amazed why Bushra Bibi, Farah Gogi, and Imran Khan would put so much at risk just to profit 40ish crores from selling a priceless watch. A drug addict sells his mother’s jewelry, takes down a fan from a mosque and sells it, picks up a cooler from a shrine, and sells it, after all, it was a watch.

According to Javed Chaudhry, one of the watches was produced by the Graff Company and given to PM Khan by Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman. In Pakistan Rupees, One Billion and Eighty Crore is the actual worth of the wristwatch set that has been sold for forty-four crore Rupees only.

GRAFF vvvip box sold

Imran Khan has been charged with accepting gifts from Tosha Khana worth 180 million rupees and selling the majority of them to gain money. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan sold these precious items by a designer brand called ‘Graff’ gifted to him by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2019 with a minimum actual price of the watch over 4.1 mn USD ( 25 crores at that time). Graff says its worth is over 10 million USD.

Here are the pictures of the items along with the prices at which Khan bought and sold these Toshkhana gifts. The prices have been taken from the prices declared by him in the Election Commission documents.

The wonders of the game!

Tosha Khan sold a watch for only 2 million dollars with the help of Farah Gogi to Umar Farooq Zahoor. The man who bought the Wristwatch has come out declaring how Shahzad Akbar used to call upon favors by threatening him of NAB inquiry. He along with Farah Gogi used to demand tickets/hotels/shopping.

IK is said to have paid 2 crores to the state and Farah sold it for 2 million dollars. For heaven’s sake, that’s a GRAFF box. The buyer could easily have bid 12 million dollars a minimum for the watch but the worth for the box combined is $50M as claimed by GRAFF.

Of course, it was a tailor-made, much more expensive piece. Specially made for KSA royal family and attached sentimental value. It is a limited edition watch, only a watch collector knows its real value.

How did the gifts reach Umar Farooq?

MashaAllah PAKISTAN topping after Farah Gogi aced her mission of selling the items. Farah Gogi again it is. A fraudster, through Farah Gogi, whom he does not even know, sold a watch of more than a billion to someone in cash. Apparently, IK sold it for 2 million USD through Farah Gogi in Dubai. Malik Riaz used Farah to manipulate his work permits and seems to have offered her his private jet for commute i.e the same jet Pervaiz Elahi used. The goods were transported in this aircraft.

Why does Imran Khan himself have to come to the field to defend Farah Gogi?

I wonder why Bushra Bibi, Farah Gogi, and Imran Khan would risk so much to get a profit of just 44 crores by selling a precious watch. Toshahkhana corruption case is just the top of the icing. The real corruption during the PTI era was through concessions given to the land mafia in the name of an amnesty scheme and the seizure of farmers’ lands in violation of the judicial decisions. Shahzad Akbar and Farah Gogi were representatives of this land mafia.

In the Malik Riaz case, where for a diamond ring and a plot for their university, they returned a 190 million pound fine that the UK had collected back to them. The university is owned by a trust with four trustees, three of which are Imran Khan, his wife, and her best friend. Malik Riaz had a relaxed plea bargain for the £190 million fine that was returned to him by the UK for a diamond ring and a plot for his university. Afterward, the person inspecting Farah Gogi‘s case was removed what a coincidence and nexus it has proved to be.

SCP fine being paid by a settlement? What settlement? It was a money laundering amount, recovered by NCA, and returned to us. Proceeds from another crime!!!

Even Shahzad Akbar is understandable, but why Imran Khan?

Fawad Chaudhry’s recent connections with Umar Farooq came to light, calling businessman Umar Farooq Zahoor a suspicious person who bought the valuable gifts given to former Prime Minister Imran Khan by the Saudi Crown Prince. Fawad Chaudhry kept asking Umar Farooq Zahoor not to mention Imran Khan’s name by messaging Umar Farooq Zahoor on WhatsApp till yesterday evening.

When I mentioned to Fawad Chaudhary the revenge actions taken against him by Shahzad Akbar, he would admit that it was clear abuse. See this screenshotUmar Farooq Zahoor

Evidence of Fawad’s continuous contact with Umar Farooq, who bought a watch from Imran, came to light.

While Fawad Chaudhry is calling Umar Farooq a liar, he was calling him his brother a few hours before. On Tuesday Umar Farooq, revealed that he bought a watch from Imran Khan, then immediately after that Fawad Chaudhry contacted him and asked what happened. Fawad Chaudhry sent messages to Umar Farooq on WhatsApp asking him not to mention Imran Khan’s name till tomorrow evening.

Some Serious Questions from Chindi Chor:

  • Was the purpose of understating the gift amount to hide the money trail?

While Imran Khan bought the watch from Tosha Khana for 21 million rupees. Also, that money was paid after the gifts were sold. There is an actual need to highlight he bought from Tosha khana for 2 crores and sold it for 44 crores. In 2019, the price of gifts was 1 billion 80 crore rupees, why would Khan take gifts by paying only 2 crores 12 lac rupees?

This leads to another question.

  • Was anyone under duress willing to not pay the real price to the captain?

It was the Prime Minister’s watch. I can’t believe IK sold this set to make roads outside his house that too in the name of public use. It was not his own watch though. Now let’s talk about the rare case where there is sentimental value and prestige associated with the gift, then I treat this act as a crime. Because the piece is unique and holds true value watches for collectors.

If an autograph of the captain is worth crores, why did he sell a watch worth 100s of crores for 44 crores? Probably to hide his taxes. That is a sheer case of under evaluation. This brings me to the next question of whether the money received from the gifts was brought to Pakistan or not.

  • Where is the banking transaction for gift money?

Farah Gogi sold the watch and brought the bag full of money to Pakistan in the plane of Imran Khan’s close businessman and gave it to Imran Khan. Hamid Mir

Why sell the watch and get cash if the captain is so honest then what is the problem with taking it to his allied bank?

And what:

  • If this big amount was not brought to Pakistan, where did it go?

Soon after it was sold, Farah bought a property in dxb for 3 million USD. It may be a case of Benami Property.

And for they are denying:

  • If it was not sold to Umar Farooq, then who was the buyer?

If the gifts were not sold to Umar Farooq, then Imran Khan tell the name of the person to whom the watch was sold. Fawad Chaudhary did a press conference and said that VVIP special GRAFF box had a Diamonds watch, cuff links, a pen, and a men’s huge solitaire diamond ring.

He claimed to have it sold to Jinnah super’s Gol market small vendor; not even to Hanif Jewellers. Also, so what was the evaluation?

  • How much did the watch sell for and where did Umar Farooq get this watch from?

Farah Gogi was asking for 5 million dollars, but finally, after negotiation sold for 2 million USD. It could have been sold at any big auction for more than 50 million dollars. The price of the watch was 2 million dollars, which would have been 28 million rupees in Pakistani currency according to the dollar rate of that time.

This leads to the next question.

  • Instead of 44 crores, why did the sale show at 2 crore rupees?

Khan is said to have paid 2 crores to the state and Farah sold it for 2 million dollars. Today just this watch is worth 12 Million USD and 10 million dollars according to Graff PDF catalog. Not a good negotiator Farah.


  • Why was there a loss of more than one billion rupees to the national treasury in the name of a road in Bani Gala?

This is more of a cyclical question that brings us to the first question.

Arsalan beta ….. GRAFF ko Made in Pakistan Brand show ker do !Bushra Jadugarni a.k.a. Pinky Pirni

In his defense, PTI supporters are asking why Army Chief does not get investigated for anything. That’s the whole problem. Two wrongs never make one right. If you support someone, it doesn’t mean you have to defend their shit. The only way to improve is, for supporters of a certain party should hold their own leader accountable.

Army Chief also receives gifts from foreign dignitaries and governments – he should also be investigated Imran Khan in his defense over Tosha Khana gifts

Just a new narrative as he is aware he is going to be tried in so many cases files are being prepared already.

I also happen to think that once you buy an item, you become its Shariah and legal owner, and if an item becomes your property, then there is no legal, Shariah, or moral requirement for you to sell or keep any item. This is a rational and fair thing that only fair-minded and wise people will understand. The real culprit is this lax law that allows any wealthy person to buy an expensive item at a cheap price.

Closely read 5(i) and 6(ii), one will understand FBR’s evaluation isn’t found in the records. The method of paying 50% comes later.

The price of the watch was fixed at two crores by a committee officer, not by Imran Khan himself. If this price was not 2 crores but 20 crores, why has not a case been registered against these officers? They were not arrested? Shahbaz Sharif will be arrested if these officers are not arrested so far.

Therefore, in such a case, all the criminals of the past who made and implemented such a loose law and all those who have benefited from this facility till now, whether civil or military, will have to be caught. Only then this objection will be considered valid and acceptable.

That’s very unfortunate that these youthias don’t even spare a father sitting with his daughters. No morals, no values, no self-respect, no regard for family relations, this is the nation IK THE GOON has created.

These are my daughters I am sitting with you disgusting people! You will stoop to any depth for your petty political point scoring. As a single parent, I have raised my daughters both as a mother and a father & there is nothing more important to me than them. Have some shame!Umar Farooq Zahoor

What you are trying to do to scare me is not going to work. Where I suffered false cases, red warrants and don’t know what during the PTI regime, will I be afraid of character assassination at the hands of these hypocrites and liars? Never. For the record, I don’t have a brother in jail.

Tosha Khan sold eight Buffaloes in the name of Pakistani Prime Minister austerity measures. The sale of all eight buffaloes belonging to the PM house fetched a total of Rs 2,302,000 in an auction held in Islamabad. Where is that money? Had he been stopped on his austerity measure to sell Eight of the PM house buffaloes, he might not have had the confidence to sell the gift set.

In the course of the Tosha Khana investigation, another controversy involving the former prime minister Imran Khan has surfaced. Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, was found to have replaced duplicate gifts rather than genuine ones at Tosha Khana, according to the investigation. Imran Khan reportedly left on a plane with dozens of gifts from foreign leaders, and the false items he left in the closet had little value. This person did even take water bottles worth 2 lac from the prime minister’s office upon his dismissal.

Some say it must have satisfied the cash-strapped PM’s ego by selling Graff box which was gifted by Muhammad Bin Salman. Internationally, Pakistan is being mocked on Social Media Platforms. As if, we were not popular enough after 1992’s cricket world cup notorious victory. He is a definite chor and moving a gift from Pakistan to another country is a crime, taking it out before paying for it is a crime, selling it abroad, and bringing money in cash is a crime and without proof of transaction is also a crime.

All toshakhana gifts, to any politician or official, must be auctioned through online bidding. Proceeds must go to the national treasury (development funds only) or a charity for free education of the poor.

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