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Qadiani Qurbani is like Keeping Illegal Arms at Home

In light of recent events involving an Ahmedi household performing Qurbani during Eid ul Adha, it is imperative to address the religious and legal perspectives that underline the importance of upholding the sanctity of the Seal of Prophethood in Islam. The controversy surrounding the Ahmedis’ actions, which led to police intervention and a mob’s reaction, highlights a complex intersection of religious duty, legal boundaries, and social harmony.

The Seal of Prophethood in Hadith

The belief in the finality of the Prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH) is a cornerstone of Islamic faith. Several Hadiths affirm this doctrine, emphasizing the cessation of prophethood with Muhammad (PBUH). One such Hadith states:

The chain of messengers and prophets has come to an end. There shall be no messenger nor prophet after me.
— (Sahih Muslim, Book 30, Hadith 5679)

This Hadith underscores the imperative for every Muslim to safeguard this belief. The Ahmedis’ claim to prophethood beyond Muhammad (PBUH) is seen as a direct violation of this principle, leading to their exclusion from the Muslim community under Pakistani law.

Legal Framework and Article 295-A

Article 295-A of the Pakistani Constitution explicitly prohibits Ahmedis from imitating Muslims, which includes public acts of Islamic rituals such as Qurbani. This law aims to preserve the religious sanctity and avoid confusion among the broader Muslim populace. The recent incident where police were called to investigate an Ahmedi household’s Qurbani is a direct application of this legal provision.

The Role of Police and Public Response

While the mob’s anger is understandable from a religious perspective, taking the law into one’s own hands is neither legal nor advisable. The appropriate course of action, as demonstrated, is to involve law enforcement. The police are the proper authorities to handle such matters, ensuring that the law is upheld without resorting to violence or mob justice.

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Addressing Persecution Claims and Minority Rights

The Ahmedis often claim persecution and play the victim card, particularly appealing to the Western discourse on human rights. This tactic overlooks the foundational religious principles that govern Islamic communities and the legal frameworks that uphold them. The Western world’s stance on human rights, while protective of minorities, often fails to appreciate the religious sensitivities and legal structures in place in Muslim-majority countries.

Animal Cruelty and Qurbani

The Ahmedi community’s paradoxical stance on animal rights, where they perform Qurbani yet advocate against animal cruelty, further complicates the issue. This inconsistency undermines their position and raises questions about their sincerity in both religious practices and ethical standards.x

Conclusion: Upholding Law and Order

In conclusion, while individuals cannot personally intervene in an Ahmedi household’s practices, calling in police protection is the lawful and correct response. Taking matters into one’s own hands constitutes a felony and undermines the rule of law. The Hadiths affirming the finality of the Prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH) are binding on all Muslims, and it is through legal and peaceful means that this principle should be safeguarded. Respecting the law and involving the appropriate authorities ensures that religious principles are upheld without descending into chaos and lawlessness.

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