Al Qader University Trust Scandal

The act of attacking GHQ is equivalent to attacking Pakistan’s defense, and the individuals from Tehreek-e-Insaf who carried out the attack may not fully understand the gravity of the situation. There should be consequences for this offense including Capital Punishment, and even the senior leadership of Tehreek-e-Insaf, including Imran Niazi, may be held accountable for their involvement under Army Act 1952 Section 59. However, not only for this arson, PTI should be banned based on this one case I had been meaning to write this for a long time.

In the Al-Qadir Trust University case that Imran Khan is simplifying and presenting as politically inspired, Malik Riyadh and his son’s visa for London are not being approved. Al-Qadir still couldn’t register as a college because the financial statement has not been submitted yet. Al-Qadir is not a university but is registered as a trust. Since Al-Qadir cannot issue degrees, students have to take exams at GCU Lahore. Currently, Al-Qadir is a tuition center. As of April 2022, there were only 37 students, but the revenue was 281 million.

This morning, I read somewhere that the number of students has reached 100. It’s possible that it has increased this year, but what will those 100 students do there because Lahore’s GCU had only provided Al-Qadir with a quota of 50 students?

The main person involved in the Al Qadir Trust case is Malik Riaz, who illegally built Bahria Town Karachi on encroached land with the help of the PPP leadership, the Sindh government, the Malir Development Authority, the Sindh police, and security agencies. However, despite this, none of the anti-corruption agencies have initiated any case against him.

The UK’s National Crime Agency fined Malik Riaz £140 million, and that amount was sent back to Pakistan, but it was given to the Supreme Court as part of Malik Riaz’s settlement over the Bahria Town scandal case instead of being used for the country’s benefit. The UK government froze GBP 190 million in assets belonging to Malik Riaz, saying they were proceeds of corruption from Pakistan. Malik Riaz agreed to settle the case by giving up those assets, and the Pakistan government was entitled to receive them.

Imran Khan and the PTI Cabinet agreed to let this money be used to pay off the Bahria Town Karachi fine owed by Malik Riaz, and in return, Malik Riaz gifted land worth billions to a trust owned by Imran Khan and Bushra. This is clear proof of bribery. The Supreme Court allowed public money to be used to pay off Malik Riaz’s fine, and when applications were filed seeking details of money paid by Malik Riaz and the actual boundaries of Bahria Town Karachi, the Registrar said it was confidential.

The UK’s NCA agreed to receive the amount without checking the secret agreement between Malik Riaz and the NCA. The amount was received and added to the Supreme Court account, but no clarification was provided.

Now the PDM government has initiated a case against Imran Khan for taking bribes from an unnamed “property tycoon,” but they dare not implicate Malik Riaz. The media also reports the whole story without mentioning Malik Riaz’s name. It seems that nearly all the actors involved are only interested in using the cloak of accountability to further their vested interests.

To summarize the details of the Al Qadir Trust case in which IK has been arrested:

  1. The UK’s National Crime Agency fined Malik Riaz £140 million, and the amount was sent back to Pakistan.
  2. Instead of being used for its intended purpose, the money was given to the Supreme Court as part of Malik Riaz’s settlement over the Bahria Town scandal case.

Dear Mr. Khan, we kindly request that you provide clear answers to the following questions regarding the AlQadir Trust:

  1. Can you explain the reason behind Malik Riaz’s generous donation of 498 kanal (60 acres) of land to the university?
  2. In addition, why did you approve the payment of 1.9 million pounds from the Cabinet to settle Malik Riaz’s fine to the Supreme Court? It is questionable why the government of Pakistan is using funds that could have been utilized for the country to pay for Malik Riaz’s fine.
  3. Thirdly, what is the reason behind Malik Riaz’s gifting of a 5-carat diamond to Bursha Bibi? Also, what is the nature of your and your wife’s relationship with Malik Riaz, as suggested by the alleged audio leak of the conversation between Malik Riaz and Farah Gogi?
  4. Finally, if Bursha Bibi was also a trustee, why are you creating an issue about her arrest warrants? She shares equal responsibility and should be accountable for answering these questions.

What is the usage and accountability of funds in the Supreme Court accounts? Is there any oversight or approval from the parliament or any other governing body? The case cannot be considered fully resolved until Malik Riaz is also charged. The decision made by SC’s Saqib Nisar to impose a fine in the BTK case is very questionable. It is difficult to impose a civil fine as part of a payment agreement when the underlying offense is clearly criminal in nature.

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The Corrupt Ruling Elite in Pakistan: An Eye-Opener

The case against Imran Khan regarding the Al Qadir Trust exemplifies the corruption and greed of all of our country’s leaders, including politicians, judges, military officials, businesspeople, and members of the media. The main focus of the issue is on Malik Riaz, who is the primary accused. However, none of the current anti-corruption crusaders such as PDM, NAB, Establishment, FIA, and ACE have taken any legal action against him.

The Al-Qadir Trust case involving Malik Riaz and Imran Khan has more twists than initially thought. The £190m settlement included the purchase of a property from Hassan Nawaz at double the market price, and the One Hyde Park flat, bought by MR’s son from Hussain Nawaz. The Pakistani government had to prove that corruption was committed in Pakistan for the money to be returned, and the cabinet approved an out-of-court settlement. MR has not been named in the case and is a beneficiary of the settlement, like IK. If investigated neutrally, no one in power circles would escape unscathed.

Why is Khan Shb not publicly naming those individuals who are suspected to have colluded with Malik Riaz and Farah Gogi, considering the suspicious circumstances around the alleged use of Riaz’s private jet by Gogi and others, as well as the apparent removal of the official investigating Gogi’s case? Dear Mr. Khan, we anticipate your prompt response and clear explanation regarding these issues. It is essential for the people of Pakistan to have access to transparent and honest answers.

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