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Final Pakistani Solution for Afghanistan

In the wake of decades-long instability in Afghanistan, it is imperative for regional powers to come together and forge a comprehensive solution for lasting peace. Pakistan, cognizant of its role as a key player in the region, presents a strategic proposal aimed at achieving peace through various measures, including the annexation of Wakhan for access to Tajikistan, unification of the Wakhi People, the creation of a 50KM Buffer Zone for refugees, establishing a Free Khorasan, and ensuring the independence of Herat with the support of the Pakistan army.

This ambitious plan that once was shared by Gen (R) Hamid Gul i.e. to make Afghanistan the 5th province of Pakistan aims to bring stability and prosperity to the region, offering a way forward that transcends the current challenges faced by Afghanistan.

A Perspective on the Afghan-Pakistani Dynamic: History, Solutions, and Regional Stability

The complex relationship between the Taliban, Pakistan’s ISI, and the wider geopolitical context has sparked fervent discussions about the region’s future. This article delves into various perspectives, proposing potential solutions and addressing the need for regional stability.

The Taliban’s Reliance on Pakistan

The assertion that the Taliban’s strength hinges on support from Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency underscores the intricate ties between the two entities. Some argue that if the ISI were to oppose the Taliban regime, it could lead to their rapid surrender, given Pakistan’s substantial influence over the group’s trade and resources.

A Call for Regional Cooperation

The viewpoint emphasizes that Pakistan, unlike global superpowers, lacks the vast financial resources to sustain prolonged conflicts. This perspective urges a pragmatic approach, advocating for unity among Punjabi Pakistanis, who have faced historical traumas, to foster prosperity through regional connectivity, such as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

A Vision for a New Nation

Proposing a reconfiguration of the region, this perspective advocates for the establishment of autonomous regions based on cultural and ethnic divisions. This envisioned framework would encompass areas like Hirat, Hilmand, Nimroz, Farah, Harmazgan, Sistan, Balochistan, Pakhtoon regions, northern Turkish regions, SINDI, Seraiky, Kashmir, Ladakh, and Punjabi.

Historical Perspectives and Military Realities

Critiquing Pakistan’s military track record, this viewpoint highlights past defeats and surrenders, raising questions about its capacity to enforce its will. The narrative underscores the challenges faced in conflicts with India and Afghanistan, even with external support.

A Call for Inclusivity

This perspective urges Pakistan to invest in non-Pashtoon communities, asserting their reliability, civilization, and shared historical and cultural ties. It contends that an inclusive government in Kabul is pivotal for regional stability, emphasizing that achieving this goal is easier said than done.

Challenges and Pragmatism

Acknowledging the potential repercussions of annexing territories, this viewpoint underscores the need for strategic defense planning rather than rash territorial ambitions. It calls for sealing borders and establishing buffer zones, evoking questions about the feasibility and consequences of such actions.

A Historical Perspective on Borders

The historical narrative addresses the intricacies of territorial demarcations, shedding light on the Durand Agreement and its impact on present-day boundaries. It raises questions about reclaiming historically significant territories through diplomatic means.

Annexing Wakhan for Access to Tajikistan

One of the central tenets of this proposal is the annexation of Wakhan, a narrow strip of land in northeastern Afghanistan, to facilitate direct access to Tajikistan. This move would not only strengthen economic ties between Pakistan and Tajikistan but also open up new avenues for regional trade and development. By bridging this geographical gap, the potential for economic growth and stability in both countries would be immense.

Unifying the Wakhi People

The Wakhi people, a community predominantly residing in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, share a common cultural heritage. Unification of this ethnic group could foster a sense of solidarity and cooperation, transcending national borders. By encouraging cultural exchange programs, joint economic initiatives, and educational exchanges, we can create a strong, united Wakhi community that can serve as a beacon of peace and cooperation in the region.

Creating a 50KM Buffer Zone for Relocation of Refugees

The plight of refugees in Afghanistan demands immediate attention. To address this, a 50KM Buffer Zone can be established, providing a safe haven for displaced individuals. This zone would be equipped with essential amenities, including housing, healthcare, and education facilities, allowing refugees to rebuild their lives in a secure environment. Moreover, international aid and support will be crucial in ensuring the success of this initiative.

Free Khorasan: A Beacon of Prosperity

Herat, strategically located in western Afghanistan, possesses immense potential to become a regional trade hub. By establishing a Free Khorasan, we can create a zone with minimal restrictions on trade and investment. This would facilitate the construction of crucial projects like the TAPI pipeline, linking Central Asian energy resources with South Asian markets. The economic benefits derived from Free Khorasan would radiate throughout the region, fostering stability and cooperation.

Guaranteeing Herat’s Independence

To ensure the success of this comprehensive plan, the Pakistan army will play a pivotal role in safeguarding the independence of Herat. This strategic guarantee will provide the necessary security umbrella to foster economic development and political stability in the region. By committing to Herat’s sovereignty, we signal our dedication to a unified, stable Afghanistan.

Everything will be okay: A New Dawn for Afghanistan

In the face of persistent instability, Pakistan’s strategic proposal offers a multifaceted approach to bring lasting peace to Afghanistan. Through the annexation of Wakhan, the unification of the Wakhi people, the creation of a Buffer Zone for refugees, the establishment of Free Khorasan, and the guarantee of Herat’s independence, we envision a future where prosperity and cooperation prevail.

As debates surrounding Afghanistan’s future continue, it is evident that multiple perspectives exist on the region’s dynamics, historical grievances, and potential solutions. Achieving lasting stability will require strategic thinking, regional cooperation, and a nuanced understanding of historical and geopolitical realities.

It is imperative for all regional stakeholders, along with the international community, to come together and support this comprehensive plan. By working hand in hand, we can pave the way for a new era of stability and progress in Afghanistan, setting an example for the entire world. Together, we can make this vision a reality and bring peace to a region that has long yearned for it.

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