Playboy Fashion Nova Imran Khan’s Bani Gala Bad Boy Diaries

There can be a complete Netflix series on this: The Fashion Playboy turned Fake Sufi and the Witch. Some are even comparing him with Emran Hashmi.

Is It a Personal Matter or a Public Responsibility?

For me, it is a personal thing but the audio doesn’t sound fake, I think these may be old but not fake at all. It’s a private affair unless one of the two concerned individuals leaked it.

I heard a 70-year-old acting like a teenager in the audio a while ago and was shocked that now it has come to this. I think PMLN supporters should condemn sharing them because these audios are exposing the only thing Imran khan is competent at. Imran Khan is popular because of a lot of things that our culture thinks are bad. I do not why we keep pressing them.

If you want to eat an elephant, eat piece by piece.

African saying

Argument 1: Private Matter

This is a leaked conversation between two private consenting individuals. Do you honestly think it made a dent in anybody? His followers are divided between “fake audio” and “so what?” We all know that there is a vast cross-section of society following IK blindly and you cannot change them in one go. Won’t dent him with his followers – they’ll laugh it off. Every PTI follower knows Tyrian is his daughter but they don’t care even about that – it doesn’t matter. The guy who can’t take care of her own daughter how can he take care of millions of Pakistani children?

Argument 2: The Moral Obligation

A certain segment of society does consider this as bad. Even if that segment is addressed, the objective is achieved. Example: would you say it is a private affair if such audio was leaked of maulana Tariq Jameel? No, right.

We get lectured every day on how we should follow riasat-e-medina of which he is the only person deserving enough to be a leader of. Article 62 63. Imran Khan uses his religious and messiah-like posturing as a political tool.. now this I evidence that he has been lying (everyone knew already, but didn’t have clear evidence). What I am trying to clarify is why such audios are not a private affair when it comes to a leader whose entire political tactic has been to portray himself as a religiously reformed messiah.

I have read Islamic theology on this matter for some other reason – not specific to this reason. Hiding someone’s secret, the sanctity of keeping secrets is important and encouraged. But once the cat is out of the bag staying mum can’t be the way forward.

Argument 3: He’s a public officeholder

Khan’s party is in power in some way or the other since 2013. I disagree with the fact that these audio leaks are unfair to him and a private affair. He lives a public life eyeing public office always. A public office demands a person of strong character in it.

Especially a person like Khan should be skinned for this. He likes to give examples of the politics of Europe and the UK. He’s lucky this isn’t the UK or Europe. If it was, he would have to go out of Politics for good. People in Pakistan like his bad-boy playboy fashion nova image. I remember this Press Secretary Boris, she had to step down after a video of hers was leaked when she was joking about the party at PM House during COVID regulations. British Health Minister Hancock lost his office for kissing. The same happened with that Governor Cuomo. Let’s not forget Clinton. He doesn’t deserve any reprieve. Cuomo and Clinton were accused of using their power over people who worked for them bad boys to extract sexual favors from them.

Big Question

Whether an exposition on a telephonic conversation in an audio lead mandates investigation morally? And what denies the common man to question him over this? We have this in our constitution. At least he should come and offer an explanation. Social media/Conventional Media should raise this as a quandary over this and ask him to clarify his position regarding these disturbing audio leaks.

It is not necessarily the case that an exposition of a telephonic conversation in audio necessarily mandates an investigation from a moral perspective. Whether an investigation is warranted would depend on the content of the conversation and the context in which it took place. If the conversation reveals misconduct or wrongdoing on the part of the public office holder, then it could be considered a matter of public concern and an investigation may be morally justified.

However, if the conversation is a purely personal matter and does not involve any wrongdoing, then an investigation may not be justified from a moral perspective. It is important to consider the privacy rights of individuals and to ensure that any investigation is conducted in a fair and transparent manner. My suggestion is to ask him, not accuse him. Should he give a statement too and send a video for forensics?

Is Khan a Hypocrite?

Of course, he is. But when you condone one person leaked audio then somebody else’s may be leaked too. We all know who records and who leaks and that’s not politicians. We must strongly condemn it. The highest public office holder, he’s answerable for his actions, both in/out of office. But the audio leak is much earlier than even he had the KP govt. The audio was not in 2013, he wasn’t a public office holder when this audio is purportedly from – again it’s a private convo between consenting adults. Being a public office holder doesn’t mean you leak their private info.

Today, economic conditions will determine political issues. IK has cleverly thrown the monkey of the economic crisis on PDM’s back. Options are limited for them now. The sanctity of the PM office isn’t affected until we get the latest audio bytes of him doing so. That too guys.

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