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Major General Faisal The Real Markhor

A strong reaction of ISPR to the baseless allegations against Major General Faisal Naseer, DG-C of Pakistan Army and ISI:

The honor of the soldiers is being tarnished by making accusations for the sake of personal interests. The institution will vanguard its officers and soldiers. No one will be allowed to disrespect the institution or its officers.

Executive Summary

A request is made to the government of Pakistan to take legal action (against Imran Khan) for demanding a Court-martial of Maj. General Faisal Naseer. PTI’s main aim was to involve Maj Gen. Faisal Naseer in this incident. They took the names of Shehbaz Sharif and Rana Sananullah just to avoid a direct attack on the establishment.

A general brought Imran Khan to power with the help of power and wealth. Today, the same general has convinced him that he is dispensable to him. The story began when Gen Pasha started implementing the agenda of the Late Hamid Gul. This was continued by Gen Zaheer ul Islam who admits it openly in an ex-servicemen meeting. Continued most recently by Gen Faiz. Imran was a man who used people and threw them away. Today Imran Khan has staked all his political capital for the sake of one person, General Faiz Bajwa, so that together they can be brought into power in the culmination of Haqeeqi Azadi March.

Who is Maj General Faisal and Why he is Awesome

Major General Faisal Naseer is a career intelligence officer of the Intelligence Corps. This professional officer is known as Super SPY in the army and intelligence circles. The incidents of terrorism have decreased now they are DGC ISI This post is considered to be the most important post after DG ISI.

Disclaimer: I know many people will not like what I am going to tweet. But I will tweet the truth no matter how unpopular, unliked or bitter it is. There is so much hype, misrepresentation of facts and baseless allegations against Major General Faisal Naseer. Major General Faisal was recently promoted from Brigadier rank & assigned duty of DG C, most important after DG ISI, is a career officer of Corps of Military Intelligence. During his assignments in Intelligence he was instrumental against terrorists in Sindh & Balochistan, I am personally privy to some of his work during my tenure as Home Minister #Balochistan. He was nick named as super spy due to his excellent & professional work.

Senator Sarfraz Bugti

Faiz Hameed did not want Faisal Naseer to be promoted, but Faisal Naseer was promoted instead of his favorite Brigadier. When Faisal Naseer was MI Karachi Commander, he was promoted with the efforts of DGMI General Asim Munir, Faiz Hameed could not stop his promotion. General Sahir also wrote a report in favor of Faisal Naseer.

But now the leadership of PTI including Imran Khan and Azam Swati is actually making India happy by running a regular campaign against this professional officer for petty political gains. Maj Faisal Naseer is being maligned as “Dirty Harry” from ISB, alleged to be involved in forced disappearances and Head of International Death Squads involved in the BlackOps assassination of Arshad Sharif. His character assassination is being performed to promote him as a notorious counter-terrorism expert.

Why? When the same professional officer had a hand in catching the spy named Kulbhushan Yadav who was to destroy the work completely. Now Niazi is making this officer controversial and discrediting without any proof, the Indian media is giving a lot of coverage to this disgusting criticism and conspiracy of Niazi and the reason for this coverage is the posting of this officer in Balochistan during the Indian terrorist network.

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