Failed Assassination Attempt on Imran Khan in Haqeeqi Azadi March

Gunshots were fired at Haqeeqi Azadi March in Wazeerabad. A so-called long march, as quoted by Al-Jazeera, works in a way where the city people join and the march pauses every night with culminating remarks from local leaders. A full burst of automatic gunfire was fired at Imran Khan. Senator Faisal Javed and Imran Ismail were seriously injured in the attack. Imran Khan was shot in the leg. A total of eight people were injured.

Imran has been shot seems in his leg and someone from top leadership including Radio Jockey turned appointed senator of PTI Faisal Javed Khan is apparently hurt and the march postponed for the day. Good face-saving for the flop march to end.

The initial report of firing on Imran Khan claims that the shooter’s name is M Naveed s/o M Bashir Caste Arain a resident of Sodhra of District Wazir Abad arrested with 9mm and 2 empty mags. There was the mistaken identity arrest of security personnel with PTI’s popular MNA Alamgir Khan from Karachi (born in South Waziristan) known for FixIt. Confusion occurred because he raised his weapon in defense. There is one Sialkoti guy named Faisal Butt who is allegedly the second shooter and police are searching for him as he is wanted now after he fled getting treatment from the hospital.

Asad Umar and Aslam Iqbal did a presser on behalf of Khan and demanded the resignation of Shahbaz Sharif; Prime Minister, Rana Sana Ullah; interior minister, and General Faisal; a serving army officer – failing which he has said he will set Pakistan on fire. The senior leadership of PTI is calling for the arrest of Rana Sanaullah Khan, Shehbaz Sharif, and Maj Gen Faisal and their forceful resignation. What about PTI’s own Govt in Punjab where this happened? Ch Pervaiz should resign I think.

Now for the conspiracies on the inside job. There are some important questions that need answering:

  • There is a PTI government in Punjab, their own security, their own forces covering khan and someone fires 7 bullets. PUNJAB is under PTI rule where Khan gets PM-level security so how come this security lapse occurs? A similar incident happened to Ahsan Iqbal, which the PTI supporters called a drama and made fun of it. If PTI knew of grave security threats and knew the people involved in this “conspiracy to kill”… why was adequate security not arranged by PTI’s own Punjab government and their own Chief Minister who they elected, Pervaiz Elahi. The Punjab government is responsible for Imran Khan’s security. Why no bulletproof glass was around the container despite such grave security threats? Happened in the area of Chaudhary Pervaiz Elahi. He was CM when Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. Speaks volumes about his administrative skills. Could he be the direct beneficiary of Khan’s stardom in case he died today?
  • Who is the ultimate beneficiary, identify that person and we will find the attacker. How did such a quick statement come about from the suspect and the video released by the police? He needs some big man down. Even if Khan had to have Faisal Javed Khan kill for it he would. Remember Faisal Wavda’s press conference, he warned PTI cults will make it a bloody march. Standing on the container shot from down and bandaging on the leg. The same bandage that Ch Pervaiz wore once in assembly and the next day he was fine. No bullets in Khan’s legs – apparently only bullet fragments are found. I was wondering if one leg was raised or both were raised when he got shot. Eventually, it seems like IK will benefit most from this in terms of popularity.
  • How such a quick allegation of three names was given by Asad Umer, again without waiting for investigation? Such a dramatic move to bring an end to this failed march. They did this for face-saving after failing Haqeeqi Azadi March and to make the incidence a scapegoat. Faisal Javed’s cheeks got scuffs like all body is shot at – and bleeding and he’s standing doing a presser.

Remember what Khan said when BB was assassinated “Benazir has ‘only herself to blame’ for suicide attack“. Despite many considering Khan a threat to the state, a devil, a trouble causer but prayers for his safety and all humans. When Ahsan Iqbal got shot Niazi called it “PUBLIC KA REACTION “ but PMLN is condemning this attack on Khan since nobody deserves it.

The senior leadership of PTI is calling for the arrest of Rana Sanaullah Khan, Shehbaz Sharif, and Maj Gen Faisal and their forceful resignation.

It’s a bloody Red Line to the next level

Never ever in the history of Pakistan, anyone has attacked the homes of Corp Commanders in Pakistan. Shocking what India couldn’t do in 75 years this lot is doing by going to Core Commander Peshawar’s house and chanting freedom slogans. Remember, even during the Musharaf’s Lal Masjid times when the TTP was capitalizing on the sad incident of suicide attempts on military personnel – when the officers had to change their attire and change their car numberplates to look like ordinary citizens, the public never reached the extent to call the Generals disloyal to the state. Indians would love this.

My sweet Pakistan my heart bleeds. I was never wrong when I said Khan is playing with foreign agenda. Indeed a Frankenstein monster has been made by his daddies. I think it’s time for Governor rule in Punjab as PTI leaders are announcing that people should out rule the current Government. These guys otherwise will burn the entire country.

This case is not so simple, how six bullets from a pistol injured 14 people and killed one man?

This lot is so power-hungry that they can do anything literally anything to get what they want. This guy Imran knows how to manipulate the masses and the masses are idiots. He’s the little boy whose lollipop has been taken and he’s trying to force his parents through these shenanigans. This is 1000000% done by themselves as a pre-planned setup. The whole drama is about COAS appointments and early elections. I don’t know why isn’t Shehbaz Sharif announcing the names of the Chief of Army Staff and Joints Chiefs.

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