Pakistan is Under Soft Martial Law

Most people in the Army join for a stable financial income, but for some reason, everyone likes to pretend that it is some sacrifice for the nation. And that if it is, soon after their retirement, they should continue to work for the professional associations related to armed forces instead of joining Businesses, Education, Welfare, Health, Construction.,Production, Travel, Tourism, IT, Banking, Agriculture, Trading, Think Tank, Universities, Colleges and Schools, sports, transportation, hospitality, media; you name it, and it’s there where they would like to serve.

Army Brats herald a Status Symbol

To them, the rest of us are lesser citizens or rather less patriotic because we to them we would not take a bullet. Jab hum raat ko sukoon ki neend so rahay hotay hain yeh bahadur foji sarhado pe duty de rhay hotay hain. It’s their job. It is the same in every country in the world. Have you seen any Army anywhere in the rest of the world, having so many facilities as our Army? Just like hardly anyone goes to medical college for “dukhi insaniat ki khidmat”. Why the concept of professional hazard is so foreign to this particular institution? I’m sorry bro but that shit ain’t gonna fly anymore.. our Armed Forces are well compensated for their “sacrifices”. In a country like Pakistan, where most people live under $5 a day, they have free health care, free education, subsidized living through CSD, and guaranteed wealth generation after retirement through plots, pension, etc. I have absolutely no doubt about the sacrifices our armed forces have to endure. Still, I will not ignore the atrocities they have perpetrated on their people, whether it was Gen. Ayub Khan who assassinated Fatima Jinnah or Gen. Musharraf who purposely executed Kargil Operation when peace between Pakistan and India had been a real reality but we will never know.. peace with India means rozi roti nahe chalni thi na.. kis kis baat peh batoun?

Asghar Khan, a man renowned for his integrity argues against the official anti-India ideology of Pakistan. He explains how Pakistan is a garrison state:

(a) India does not constitute a national threat and has no interest in swallowing Pakistan;

(b) all wars between the two countries were started by Pakistan;

(c) the Maharaja of Kashmir may not have acceded to India had Pakistan negotiated with him seriously;

(d) the 1971 war was sheer lunacy in military terms on account of the long lines of communication;

(e) unlike India, Pakistan does not need nuclear weapons;

(f) the nuclear program represents a grave danger to the national security of Pakistan; and

(g) the country is paying a heavy economic price for its atomic program.

This interview was recorded in 2009 by Dawn.

Asghar Khan, is a Pakistani veteran aviation historian, peace activist, and retired military figure— a three-star rank air marshal— who served as the first native Chief of Air Staff of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) from 1957 until resigning in 1965 prior to the start of the air operations of the PAF during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965.

جو لوگ مارشل لا کی حمائیت کر رہے ہیں ان کی لیے میرا بس یہی جواب ہے کہ اگر آپ کی اپنے والد سے نہیں بنتی تو کیا آپ اپنے والد کو گھر سے نکال کر چوکیدار کو ابو ابو کہنا شروع کر دو گے

A ‘for sale’ judiciary that gives verdicts according to leadership’s will
A neutral establishment and a functioning judiciary pinch you where it hurts most. Indiscriminate application of laws – anchored in the Constitution – is absolutely essential if Pakistan has to extricate itself from the vicious cycle of misgovernance and selective application of laws. The current socio-political and economic crisis also stems from willful deviation from the law by civilian and military elites. All these years, we have only managed the country, and not really governed, and we all contributed to it.

But the rot must stop if we want to see Pakistan survive and prosper as a self-respecting nation… Subversion of the judiciary or its rulings so ran the message, will not be allowed. The country will descend into chaos if we let the Supreme Court be humiliated by those who don’t like its decisions. — said the general, who spared no one – including his own institution – when talking of the burden of responsibility for the country’s multiple crises.

Gone are those days when the returning officers would stuff thousands of ballots in your favor. Gone are those days when you would get millions and millions from ISI to run your election campaigns. But were those days not sponsored by “Kakkars” and “Karamats”.

Part of M.A Jinnah Address 23rd March, 1940 :

Anyhow, I have placed before you the task that lies ahead of us. Do you realize how big and stupendous it is? Do you realize that you cannot get freedom or independence by mere arguments? I should appeal to the intelligentsia. The intelligentsia in all countries in the world has been the pioneers of any movement for freedom. What does the Muslim intelligentsia propose to do? I may tell you that unless you get this into your blood unless you are prepared to take off your coats and are willing to sacrifice all that you can and work selflessly, earnestly, and sincerely for your people, you will never realize your aim. Friends, I, therefore, want you to make up your mind definitely, and then think of devices and organize your people, strengthen your organization, and consolidate the Mussalmans all over India. I think that the masses are wide awake. They only want your guidance and your lead. Come forward as servants of Islam. organize the people economically, socially, educationally, and politically, and I am sure that you will be a power that will be accepted by everybody. (Cheers.)

“تمہارے بچوں کے لئے زمین تنگ کر دوں گا”

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“میرے بچے بھوکے مر جائیں گے”

Pakistan Resolution is a thing of bygone. That is accomplished and the Land of Pure would remain Intact till the Day of Judgement, I.A. As for now the thing that matters most is our Resolution and Resolve for making this country what it was envisioned by our ancestors. How far our motherland would continue to stand on the backseat in the comity of civilized nations? How far? A rejuvenated version of making this country a beacon of hope and justice should be the Resolution of the Day. You as an individual are in a position of responsibility. You can influence people around you. At the very least, you should not be dismissive of the structural problems that inhibit this nation.

Democracy is the Best Revenge

Traitor Musharraf sentenced to death meant death to dictators, death to enemies of Pakistan, and death to enemies of the Constitution. Traitor Musharraf has been sentenced to death as he had put himself in an absconding exile to deny justice being served earlier. Finally, our Judiciary took the first step. No one should be above law especially the so-called Holy Cows of our system. I doubt about implementation of this verdict as traitor Musharaf will not come back. However, even considering it symbolic it will set precedents for the future.

According to the constitution, a person who is found guilty (a) of having committed an act of abrogation or subversion of the constitution in force in Pakistan at any time since 1956 (b) of high treason as defined in article 6 of the constitution shall be punished with death or imprisonment for life:

The three-member special court announced a verdict against Pervez Musharraf with 2-1

A three-member bench of the special court, headed by Peshawar High Court Chief Justice Waqar Ahmad Seth

Pervez Musharraf can appeal this verdict in Supreme Court

Musharraf was booked in the treason case in December 2013

Musharraf was indicted on March 31, 2014

Symbolic justice has been done by the courts

This decision sets an important precedent for those who think they have immunity from the law in Pakistan. This sentence is for dictatorship and its supporters. Capital Punishment to Gen. Musharraf (on 03 Nov 2007) is a “wise decision” that will stop all future military interventions into politics. He killed so many people in Balochistan and NWFP. Many innocent children, women, and the elderly were killed by Musharraf after he launched a scathing attack on Dera Bugti. Traitor Musharraf kept the Taliban in his lap. I’m glad the court came to this decision at this very convenient time, and I agree with it. It is a big decision. Those who are cheering that it can’t be implemented do not have a point. The important point is he was found guilty and was awarded the toughest public punishment the court could give and he was a former military dictator. That says a lot.

A very much awaited court trial resultantly gave the death penalty to the traitor Gen. Rtd Pervaiz Musharraf in the high treason case. By doing so, it was predestined and overdue to have it so as he was the only person who committed and broke the constitutional assemblies of federal and Provincial, lower and upper house, the prime minister, and all cabinet and then went on to with another commit of a high sin with supreme court high official judges along with chief Justice in prison. It is in no law which can give a right to imprison the judges. After all, judges have given their hand as a given priority of treason over breaking the whole constitutional govt.

Unfortunately, I very much doubt he will ever face true justice. Civilians might go to prison, generals a different story. Army Inc. won’t be happy with a death sentence. Who would execute the order and honor the judgment? It’s easy to ouster a PM for hiding a salary that he didn’t take from his son (he is given punishment for his raising of voice against Musharraf mostly). But commando is a different story. If you look closely, every silent supporter of Syed Musharaf has a lineage from Urdu-speaking, drinker, Shia, liberal, enlightened moderate, and/or army. Therefore, we also don’t mind the puppet youth that was administered away from his Twitter following to a better puppet Imran Khan by the establishment. The same sick mentality of being a slave to colonial masters.

Musharraf was not only a dictator but was a killer of a lot of innocent people. Moreover, this decision shows that the establishment is equally responsible and be held accountable. The military must know their duty which is as a watchman and to look after the borders and that is all. A small relief for the blood of innocents even though it will only be symbolic. No amount of punishment can serve justice
Scores will be settled on judgment day IA.

The standard of success for every Pak General (Wardi Walay of Pakistan):

Sack sitting PM
Survive India
Get Extension
Gen Bajwa has scored 3 out of 4. God willing, shall not happen.

Who was the first chief of army staff of Pakistan?
Here is a comprehensive Pakistan Army Generals Timeline:

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GENERAL FRANK MESSERVY Aug 1947 – Feb 1948 پاکستان کے پہلے کمانڈر ان چیف بھی ایک سال سے کم عرصے میں عہدے سے ریٹائر ہوئے . یہ خیال کیا جاتا گورنر جنرل محمد علی جناح کے احکامات کی مزاحمت ان کی ریٹائرمنٹ کے پیچھے بنیادی وجہ تھی

GENERAL DOUGLAS GRACEY Feb 1948 – Jan 1951 ان کے جانشین کی طرح، گریسی بھی کشمیرمیں بھارت کی بربریت کے باوجود فوجی نہ بھیجنے پر رخصت کےمستحق قرار پاے. گریسی پاکستان کی آخری برطانوی فوج کے سربراہ تھے .

FIELD MARSHAL AYUB KHAN Jan 1951 – Oct 1958 ایوب پاکستان کے پہلے چار ستارہ جنرل تھے اور پاکستان کے واحد فیلڈ مارشل بھی. انہو نے1958میں صدارت اختیار کر لی.

GENERAL MUHAMMAD MUSA Oct 1958 – June 1966 ایوب کے وفادار کمانڈر ان چیف کرنے موسی ایوب کی صدارت کے ذریعے فوج کے سربراہ کے طور پر ابھرے. 1967 سے ١٩٦٩ تک گورنر مغربی پاکستان رہے .

GENERAL YAHYA KHAN Jun 1966 – Dec 1971 ایوب نے 1966 میں آرمی چیف جنرل یحیی مقرر کیا اور 1969 میں یحیی نے ایک فوجی حکومت کے ذریے صدارت پر قبضہ کیا. انہیں 1971 ء میں بھٹو کو صدارت حوالے کرنے کے بعد گھر قید میں رکھا گیا.

GENERAL GUL HASSAN KHAN Dec 1971 – Mar 1972 اس وقت کے صدر کی طرف سے مقرر کیے گئے گل حسن نے فوجی سربراہ کے طور پر صرف دو ماہ کے لئے خدمات انجام دیں.انہیں حمود الرحمن کمیشن کی سفارشات پر بھٹو نے معزول کیا گیا تھا .

GENERAL TIKKA KHAN March 1972 – March 1976 وقت کے وزیر اعظم بھٹو کی طرف سے مقرر کیے گئے ٹکا خان چیف آف آرمی سٹاف کے طور پر اپنی ذمہداریاں نبھا رہے تھے. ان کی مدت کی میعاد ختم ہونے کے بعد انہیں بھٹو کی انتظامیہ میں دفاع اور سلامتی کے مشیر بنایا گیا تھا.

GENERAL ZIAUL HAQ March 1976 – Aug 1988وزیر اعظم بھٹو کی طرف سے مقرر ، ضیاء چار باریوں کے لئے فوج کے سربراہ رہے . 1977 میں مارشل لاء کا اعلان کرنے کے بعد انہوں نے ١٩٧٨ ء سے لیکر ١٩٨٨ ء تک پاکستان کی صدارت کی.

GENERAL MIRZA ASLAM BAIG Aug 1988 – Aug 1991 بیگ نے ضیاء کے بعد پاک فوج کی کمان سنبھالی. صدر غلام اسحاق خان کے حکم پر سروس سے ریٹائر کر دیا گیا تھا .

GENERAL ASIF NAWAZ Aug 1991 – Jan 1993 صدر غلام اسحاق خان نے اگلا آرمی چیف آصف نواز کو مقرر . جب وہ دل کا دورہ پڑنے سے انتقال کر گئے ان کی سروس کا دورانیہ حتم ہوگیا.

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GENERAL ABDUL WAHEED KAKAR Jan 1993 – Jan 1996 آرمی چیف کی حیثیت سے، کاکڑ نے صدر غلام اسحاق خان اور نواز شریف پر انکے استعفے کا دباؤ ڈالا. وہ اپنی مدت کے اختتام پر ریٹائر ہوے.

GENERAL JEHANGIR KARAMAT Jan 1996 – Oct 1998 کرامت کو PM بینظیر بھٹو نے آرمی چیف مقرر کیا گیا تھا. بعد میں مشرف کے دورمیں ٢٠٠٤ سے ٢٠٠٦ تک متحدہ ریاست ہاے امریکا کے ایلچی بناۓ گئے.

GENERAL PERVEZ MUSHARRAF Oct 1998 – Nov 2007 مشرف کو نواز حکومت کی جانب سے آرمی چیف مقرر کیا. بعداذراں 1999 کی فوجی بغاوت میں اقتدار پر قبضہ کر لیا گیا تھا . انہوں نے1999-2002 تک وزیر دفاع اور پاکستان کے چیف ایگزیکٹو کے طور پر کام کیا.

GENERAL ASHFAQ PARVEZ KAYANI Nov 2007 – Nov 2013 جنرل کیانی چیف آف آرمی سٹاف کے طور پر دو دفع پاک فوج کی خدمت کی . وہ سروس سے جب ریٹائر فریگھل تحصیل ہوے تو زرداری حکومت نے 2010 میں ان کی مدت ملازمت میں توسیع کی منظوری دے دی.

GENERAL RAHEEL SHARIF Nov 2013 – Nov 2016 بلا تبصرہ

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Army Controlled Pakistan before General Elections in Pakistan 2018
Do we not see it? Today, who governs Pakistan’s policy matters after all? The Pakistani military elite inherited the strict, authority-built command and control traditions. Despite a large number of turnouts of trainees, the real dominion of the country turned out to be the men and women who sent their wards to serve the army (primarily, because they felt to do so; secondly, the reward that it hails from the family when their son serves the country is everlasting). Imagine this, someone’s parents chose for their child to serve the country differently. Some became politicians in goodwill and spirit too. Every institution has a role and people who take the word “establishment” for granted as a rescue to all their ills are at fault too. They made it too notorious. After all, the establishment is you, me, and is really a vague term composite for “nazria e zaroorat” in and around.

Inter-institutional dialogue- the new drama to corrupt the system
What was the point of inviting the military chief to the house of Senate? The boys have made their moves, and now they have the power. Everything is in disarray, and you question why were they invited. Not like it’s a choice. Army after successfully throwing the country into terrorism (Zia) then countering what they forgot would bite them on their ass (Taliban), come to provide services in law-making, and start an SSG group for Fb soon. Rather than admitting that they are equally responsible for where we are today, they try to convince us that they are the only reason Pakistan has gone so far.

Do not forget that the armed forces are the servants of the people. You do not make national policy; it is we, the civilians, who decide these issues and it is your duty to carry out these tasks with which you are entrusted. — Muhammad Ali Jinnah

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Musharraf’s Historic and landmark decision!

Now Niazi govt should pursue the verdict in letter and spirit. What a good day for the boggled democracy of Pakistan. Though the punishment is strict, that is the right decision as per the constitution. Now, the future rouge generals would think a hundred times before abrogating the constitution. I am sure that one day, sooner or later, fascism will also end and every institution will be forced to remain in its constitutional boundary. Long live democracy, long live Pakistan.

But wait for a second!!!

General Qamar Bajwa Rules the Country

When General Qamar Bajwa gave himself a three-year extension Indian media started highlighting if the then-current crop of Corps Commanders were incompetent.

Imran Khan himself has said:

Generals were not given extensions even during world war… When you change the rules for one person… you destroy the entire institution — Imran Khan


Doing a U-turn… is the hallmark of great leadership — also Imran Khan

So following were found incompetent (That is the only meaning I can understand):

Lt Gen Asim Bajwa,
Sadiq Ali,
Aamer Riaz,
Sarfaraz Sattar,
Nadeem Raza,
Humayun Aziz,
Naeem Ashraf,
Mohd Afzal,
Sher Afghun,
Bilal Akbar,
Saleh Abbasi,
Majid Ahsan,
Abdullah Dogar,
Ahd Shah,
Lt Gen Asim Bajwa- Commander, Southern Command Quetta, and 12 Corps was found incompetent to make it to COAS post- sympathies with him.

While Sarfaraz Sattar can take charge of their nukes but can’t hold COAS post – such is the life of a 3 star general in Pak Army- by backing someone like Bajwa’s continuation, folks like Sattar hurt themselves.

Bilal Akbar- Commanded X Corps (111 brigade falls under him) – but sadly he can’t hold the post of COAS – found incompetent by Imran Khan – feel sorry for this guy as well. He should have used his 111 brigades and do the needful.

Rubber Stamp Parliament

Shahbaz Shareef was Captured by NAB Before By-Elections last year. The biggest development of last year was when Shahbaz Shareef got arrested in Ashiana Housing Scheme on Oct 6, 2018. He was at the NAB office in Lahore appearing before the bureau in the Saaf Pani case for the third time. His white land cruiser returned from the office without Shahbaz in it. This rubber-stamp parliament has set a tenure full of politics of victimization that too at its worst! KSE 100 INDEX crashed 1000 points on Shahbaz Sharif’s news of being arrested by NAB.

The commencement of such an arrest without warrants proved ridiculous and a failing attempt to demoralize PMLN’s workers before by-elections which were held on 14th October 2019.

Also, not to forget that Shahbaz Shareef had been insisting to become Chairman of the Public Accountability Committee.

NAB Speed vs Punjab Speed (Shahbaz Shareef)

Fawad Hassan Fawad spilled the beans against the Sharif family. NAB itself is too notorious for its working patterns. Punishing Shahbaz Sharif before By-Elections by arresting makes NAB a party to Elections Engineering. The Minister of Information, Mr. Fawad Chaudhary is claiming the National Accountability Bureau to be an independent institution while proclaiming so many on-coming arrests during his Government tenure in a satirical manner. Surely a gift to Imran Khan on his birthday last year.

And now again, he is in jail after his bails were refused just before the Gilgil Baltistan Elections. Imran Khan should demolish his illegal Bani Gala residence and arrest his sister who has stashed PKR 60 billion in Dubai to start with. Arresting a leader without notice with such a devastating disease is pathetic and no less than dropping a bombshell. This is not justice, it’s victimization.

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MOST countries have armies, but in Pakistan, the army has a country?
Manage Economy, asks the Chief of Pak Army. Some retired personnel related to Army are giving lectures on the economy similar to your house’s armed guard telling you how to spend your money. You’d always tell him to mind his own business and ask him to focus more on protecting the house from theft. That is what Ahsan Iqbal has done But army worshippers don’t have the mental fortitude to even think something like that. If the Army is really having sleepless nights regarding the economy, then maybe they can reduce the defense budget a little bit to help out the civvies.

Actually, we are confused ideologically

Personally, I don’t see a problem with the head of the armed forces showing concern about the horrible economic situation of the country. A possible solution would be to stop curbing the huge military budget. Stop all their extravagant activities, messes, protocols, etc. to begin with. This affects the liberty with which the country can proceed to protect its security interests. And so the head of the armed forces, being a citizen of the country, and a very influential one at that is right in showing concern on something along these lines.

Bajwa is playing politics

Too late for him to wake up, only when his prime minister is ousted does he wake up. Yes, he’s right but this should apply at every level: even foreign policy. Historians repeat that aphorism because Pakistan’s military men have always enjoyed disproportionate political clout. The men in khaki have ruled directly for 33 of the country’s 67 years and have meddled heavily in politics the rest of the time, right up to the present day.

In 1973, Christine Fair, almost 90% of the federal budget went to military ends. By the late 1980s, around 80% of current spending either paid off debt or funded the army. Little has improved. Christine Fair, whose ‘Fighting to the End’ is similarly sharp, suggests that the $30 billion of direct and indirect aid which America has given Pakistan in the past 11 years has done little but enrich the military men. — Why Pakistan’s army wields so much power

Somewhere between 33 years of martial law to 22 incomplete terms of elected/selected prime ministers we normalized the idea of a dysfunctional and broken system in Pakistan. A system that to date pretends to be democratic and just. A state which mocks our constitution 24/7. Civilian setups like Railways are destroyed to set up NLC. To bring FWO up, they built roads and NLC ran cargo services. CDA was destroyed to support Bahria and DHA. Need to say more about Pakistan post, PMDC, PIDC? Army brats come up with the unacceptable excuse that the reason for the failure of civilian people allows for putting retired military men at such posts.

The retirees are an excellent think tank force

Here polishing your shoes becomes equal to the trait of discipline. Take, for instance, this retired Army professional, Ibrahim Khan without realizing that cult mentality is all they end up spreading.

It was at 52 when the profession that I loved more than life considered me done with like the majority of us a few years earlier or later. Was this what I had aspired to be starting my real struggle at life when I was only 12 and joined boarding accounting for myself. Would polish my shoes, pack and list my laundry, follow a strict routine in life, and entered the competition, wanting to be on the top, sports, studies, extra circular activities or whatever came up as a challenge in life. There was fun, gloom, joy, and sorrow all mixed. Then came a time to choose the profession I would like to lead. Want to be him, leading, and him I was, top my courses and topped them to a stage, get married to the love of my life, married I was. Lead the best career that one could have had. Considered my self Napoleon of my time. Then comes one incident, I lie low and take it or stand up like a gentleman. What do you expect? Of course, stand up. A turning point and a slip I made. Spent the rest of my career making up for it. The dream that I lived, for now, started becoming hard to attain. Giving up was never in my chemistry.

There was such great potential to have been well utilized but our system just leaves you to your own. We are left to fade away. What a waste of life. We live for ourselves and family but that surely is certainly not the purpose of life.

Not giving up means continuing to be as useful as possible, in spite of knowing there is little one can really do. We must put our heads together and find usefulness to the remaining years of our life. The fifteen most useful remaining years on the average of our life must not go waste. Nation-building and prosperity and useful employment and a satisfying role that we all aspire for.

Why can’t we have a corporate system on the lines of Fauji Foundation and AWT? We all contribute from half a million to a million each as investment/ security and then join this huge well organized Foundation. We could have the main secretariat at Pindi/ Islamabad and a regional provincial secretariat. Twenty to Thirty selected businesses were handled at each secretariat with 10 officers in each business, 20 Jcos and 40 NCOs, and 100 men with an investment of 30 to 50 million( with central loan facility). We would be able to employ quite a large number. There could be the same numbers of professionals at the Officer/ JCOs/ NCOs level. Are given a wide range of activities to choose from, including work from home, and based on our ability and talent are assigned a slot and role to play. We contribute and earn double our pension. Even if 50% of us retiring early in life want to join this effort, we will not end up doing anything and leading a wasteful life.

Family and grandchildren will certainly be better enjoyed. The system should have ample excursion leave and opportunity to see the world as part of one of the businesses of this foundation.

It would be a registered Holding Company and well-governed and administered by the veterans with no hold on it by GHQ.

All our departments of the government could take a lead from this and be self-governed and accounting.

The talent and desire to be usefully self-employed would thus be met. The huge investment this poor nation has made in us would be well returned. This is how nations are built. Yes, we could even aspire to be part of the electoral system, remaining within the system I propose, with all the backing. It’s a wholesome way of life I propose we need to ponder and formulate. I leave a thought for my friends, seniors, and juniors to ponder. Take up from here and make this collective wish of ours come true. Amin.


This is not just one person. They Assume to be all in all. This person has built a really good case for him as President PESS and wishes to be voted so he can launch Veterans Holding Foundation so they double their pensions. On the same grounds as being followed by AWT and Fauji Foundation where percent goes in pays, here it would be 50%. To him, rest goes into its expansion.

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AWT and fauji foundation success stories are based on the backing of the military and many out-of-turn or out of merit contracts. Tax exemptions, and undue favors. Anything to do with the army way has to be rank-based. May not be acceptable to those who left earlier. Individual interests are safeguarded and much senior serving or retired generals destroy the existing army systems by recommending incompetent and nondeserving individuals in the name of unit officers, regimentation etc.

Retired personnel should not be heading any organization. Especially if they are from the military. A retired army person is getting a pension and had all benefits of retirement. They already get hundreds of benefits in their service time and they munch on these posts after getting retired. These departments are mostly under Armed Forces Domain:

DG ISPR serves on the Board of PTV which reports to the Chairman, and MD comes under a chairman.
PTA is under command of Maj. Gen (R) Amir Azeem Bajwa HI (M).
Anti Narcotics Force by Major General Arif Malik.
Wapda Chairman – is a Retd Lt Gen. Muzammil Hussain. They destroyed WAPDA we faced 18 hrs of load management because these lunatics couldn’t manage demand and supply.
PIA is given as an extra charge due to the failure of civilian setup and corruption. PIA destroyed to set up Shaheen.
Well AM is qualified as Aerospace sciences experience.
ASF Director Major General Zafar ul Haq.
National Disaster Management Authority is an Engineer’s Officer from FWO Lt General Omar Mahmood.
Naya Pakistan Housing is under FWO Chairman Lt Gen Anwar Ali.
SUPARCO Director Major General Qaiser Anees.
ERRA Chairman Lt Gen Omar Mahmood Hayat.
National Development Council Member General Bajwa.
Economic Advisory Committee Member General Bajwa.
NAB Lahore Director General Retired Major Shehzad Saleem.
Ministry of Interior The foul language Brigadier Ijaz Shah.
Civil Aviation Authority Director Squadron Leader (Retd.) Shahrukh Nusrat.
Federal Public Service Commission Member Major General Muhammad Azeem Asif.
So the military is only a successful organization in Pakistan? If so, kindly, amend the law and let forces run the country officially. Let’s give Punjab & KPK PM office to Army, Navy should run affairs of Sindh and Balochistan. Airforce should own president position and GB/Kashmir. Too many people in Pakistan are blind to realize that the reason why their democracy is corrupt is that it is not a democracy, to begin with.

90% of the defense budget, it must be. No?
How dare you question the boys? Don’t you know all these businesses are carried out to improve Pakistan’s economy? Sounds totally believable. Fresh after losing East Pakistan and receiving humiliation at the hands of the arch-enemy, no one would dare question: why you spending such a massive amount on defense. Furthermore, losing such a large chunk of land must’ve also freed up resources that under normal circumstances would’ve gone to East Pakistan.

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Here is a list of courtesy Dawn featuring 50 commercial entities being run by armed forces

The projects/units being run by the Army Welfare Trust
Two stud farms in Pakpattan and Okara
Army Welfare Sugar Mills, Badin
Askari Project (shoe and woolen), Lahore
Army Welfare Mess and Blue Lagoon Restaurant, Rawalpindi
Real estate comprising three small housing schemes in Lahore, Badaber and Sangjani
Askari General Insurance Co Ltd Rawalpindi
Askari Aviation Services, Rawalpindi
MAL Pakistan Ltd Karachi
Askari Guards (Pvt) Ltd, head office (HO) in Rawalpindi
Askari Fuels (CNG) with HO in Rawalpindi
Askari Seeds, Okara
Askari Enterprises, Rawalpindi
Fauji Security Services (acquired from Fauji Foundation), HO in Rawalpindi
Askari Apparel, Lahore
Askari Lagoon, Faisalabad.
The projects/units under Fauji Foundation
Fauji Cereals
Foundation Gas
Fauji Fertiliser Company Ltd
Fauji Cement Co Ltd
Fauji Oil Terminal and Distillery Co Ltd
Fauji Kabirwala Power Company Ltd
Foundation Power Co (Dharki) Ltd
Askari Cement Ltd
Askari Bank Ltd
Foundation Wind Energy (I and II) Ltd
Noon Pakistan Ltd Lahore
Fauji Meat Ltd
Fauji Fertiliser Bin Qasim Ltd
Fauji Akbar Partia Marine Terminal Ltd, HO in Karachi.
A company under the name of Pakistan Maroc Phosphore SA was set up in Morocco by the Fauji Foundation in 2008.

Similarly, the projects, units, and housing colonies under the administrative control of Shaheen Foun­dation, which is a trust of the Pakistan Air Force, are:

Shaheen Airport Services
Shaheen Aerotraders
Shaheen Knitwear
Shaheen Complex, Karachi
Shaheen Complex, Lahore
Shaheen Medical Services
Hawk Advertising
Fazaia Welfare Education School System
SAPS Aviation College
Air Eagle Aviation Academy
Shaheen Welfare Housing Scheme, Peshawar.

I have changed my mind a little on this subject after going through certain paragraphs in the book “Pakistan—A Hard Country” by Anatol Lieven. Copying the relevant excerpts here:

“One of the chief objections raised against the Pakistani military is that they should not be involved in the commercial business on principle. This seems to be just another case of insisting that Pakistan rather selectively follow Western models. Since the 1990s, the Chinese military has divested itself of its formerly huge direct commercial holdings, but it has done so by spinning these off into independent companies run by retired officers – similar to those of the Fauji Foundation. The Chinese economic model is emerging as a serious rival to that of the West in Asia, so there is no particular reason why the Pakistani military should be judged according to Western patterns in this matter.”
“One of the most serious objections to the industries owned by the military: that the Fauji and Army Welfare Fund industries’ link to the state gives them unfair commercial advantages. It is true that the Welfare Fund has benefited from subsidies, but at least they appear to have been plowed back into its industries and not simply stolen, as has been the case with so many state loans to private businesses. Moreover, if the military businesses were deriving really massive competitive advantages from the state, it should be above all rival businessmen who complain, and in my experience, this is not the case.”
“It would also be quite unfair to see the role of ex-soldiers in society as chiefly the result of state patronage. As in some Western societies – but to a far greater extent – retired soldiers are also prized by private businesses and NGOs for the qualities of discipline, honesty, hard work, and indeed higher education that they have acquired during their military service – qualities which alas are not so common in wider Pakistani society.”
“As part of the effort to maintain strong morale, the Pakistani armed forces offer both high pay and excellent services – services that are good by world standards, not just the miserable ones of Pakistan in general. They offer these services not just to the soldiers and their immediate families, but to retired soldiers and the parents of soldiers. The effect has been to make military service very attractive indeed for many ordinary Pakistanis and to ensure a high quality of recruits. … The family aspect of the Pakistan military was illustrated for me by a visit to the Combined Military Hospital in Peshawar in July 2009 … The hospital and its seventy doctors provide important additional services to the horribly underfunded and overloaded civilian medical services of Peshawar … It was not just the equipment, but also the cleanliness and general atmosphere of the hospital that was striking after some of the truly ghastly state medical institutions I had visited Pakistan. … As the hospital commander, Brigadier Khalid Mehmood, in an interview on the same day, told me,

All this is so that when the soldier is fighting at the front, he knows that his family is being looked after at home.

I’ve too realized we shouldn’t be levying sweeping criticisms and allegations against the institution as a whole. We need to soften our approach, in order not to close out on people with genuine hearts, within the military and those who greatly appreciate their work. But Does Sacrifice looks like DHA and Askari. Nowhere in the world, the Army has commercial properties or businesses. It just happens in Pakistan! That is why our Army has become something else. Largest, most profitable business empire in the country, zero fucking accountability because bloody civilians can’t possibly question my hard-earned tax money going to them.. oh they’re fighting “terrorists”? Bhai koi pooche yeh terrorists aye kider se? Yeah.. The idea has been sold perfectly to poor Pakistanis, to accomplish super-Paki status and accumulate wealth.

I am asking dangerous questions here. Why do most generals, who ostensibly put their lives on the line for Pakistan, send their families to comfortably settle abroad? No faith in the work they’re doing?

Mischievous General Asim Bajwa Retirement

Now coming to the case of Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa former DG ISPR (succeeded by Mahobili’s love Asif Ghafoor) and current Chairman CPEC with Asim Bajwa car wrongly stated worth Rupees 30 lac Land Cruiser/Prado, 99 companies, 130 franchises, 13 commercial properties including two shopping centers in the US in Asim Saleem Bajwa wife and rest of the family’s name. While Asim Saleem Bajwa son, Eusha purchased 2 houses in the United States when Lieutenant General Asim Saleem Bajwa was commander of Southern Command.

The guy (still) in charge of $62 billion worth of projects that will shape the future of this country & its residents for generations, has settled all his kids & family in the US? Does he not have faith in the future he is building? What’s in it for him to ensure it’s good?

It’s different if it’s an ordinary individual. Other countries offer a better quality of life, social mobility, and so on. Who doesn’t want that? But we’re talking about no ordinary person. This person is shaping the future of those who don’t have an option to leave.

Sir “money trail de dein, saazish khud b khud hi khtm hojyegi – itna mushkil to nhi apni safayi pesh krna”. But before that Asim Saleem Bajwa’s resignation both as Special Advisor to the Prime Minister and as Chairman CPEC is awaited.

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The real question is who will speak up? The ones who follow the line drawn by our constitution ‘unfortunately’ miss a course that is mandatory for their promotion or they embrace martyrdom in the line of duty.

The most important thing in communication is to hear what is not being said. — Peter F. Druker

Democracy shall prevail! Let democracy take its due course! Change from within!

Enough of “jese log wese hukmaraan”.

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