Once Asian Tiger Pakistan has succumbed to regional politics

Explore Pakistan’s evolving role in regional politics as it navigates the dynamic landscape.

Observing the actions of the Afghan Taliban and the interim government evokes little surprise from a Pakistani perspective. The term “Eshan Framosh” and “Mohsin Kush” resonates, capturing the sentiment toward a nation that, despite significant support and shelter from Pakistan, appears ungrateful. The majority of the current Afghan government has its roots in Pakistan – educated, nurtured, and sustained by its neighbor. In addressing these sentiments, I find myself raising some fundamental questions for these individuals.

Did Pakistan extend an invitation to the former USSR to invade Afghanistan? Were they summoned to come and reside in Pakistan? Without the shelter provided by Pakistan, would they not have faced the brutalities of the Russians?

It’s essential to acknowledge the sacrifices made by Pakistanis, Arabs, and other Muslims who laid down their lives in Afghanistan. How many Afghans reciprocated by coming to protect Pakistan? Instead, there seems to be a destructive agenda against us.

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What about the substantial aid sent directly to Afghanistan by the UN, US, EU, and Middle Eastern countries? If warlords have mismanaged these resources, why is Pakistan held at fault?

Afghan involvement in smuggling across our borders results in billions of dollars in losses for Pakistan annually. How much money has been smuggled out of Pakistan in the last two years to stabilize the Afghan economy, and at what cost to Pakistan?

A significant number of expatriate Afghans utilize Pakistani passports to send remittances back to Afghanistan. Yet, Pakistan is often portrayed negatively due to the actions of these individuals.

Pind Ka Chaudhry

Who is abusing the Afghan Transit Trade? Why can Afghanistan save itself at the cost of its citizens, while we can’t even voice concerns for our own country?

The unequal narrative persists as Afghan nationals openly criticize Pakistan on social media while expecting unwavering loyalty and servitude. Many Afghans own billions worth of property in Pakistan, but how many Pakistanis possess property in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan can threaten Pakistan at will, harbor terrorists, and use these tactics as leverage. The question that arises is, why does this one-sided dynamic persist?

Considering the sheer number of unregistered and illegal Afghans in Pakistan – over six million – who bears the financial burden? Why can Afghans commit crimes in Pakistan and return without consequence?

The disparity continues as Afghans can travel to Pakistan without a visa or passport. Can they do the same in Iran, China, Tajikistan, or elsewhere without valid documents?

The narrative suggests that Afghans are willing to sacrifice Pakistan and its people to safeguard their economy, stability, and law and order. Why does Pakistan not have the same autonomy?

Chappun inch ki Chaati

Now, it is the responsibility of Pakistanis to contemplate the fate of their country. Allowing external forces to ruin it simply to ensure personal safety defies logic. It is a call for Pakistanis to reflect on their loyalty and take pride in their homeland – an endeavor that is never too late.

Love Pakistan 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 …it’s your homeland, and it demands loyalty. It’s never too late to do the right thing. Long live Pakistan 🇵🇰.

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