Nuclear Bombs Are Not Diwali Firecrackers

As the war between Russia and Ukraine began, there are rumors of it getting widespread before the eyes of the current generation in a spur. In view of the present ”accident’ of BrahMos being sent into Pakistan; that seems plausible. According to NDTV (India) report, Pakistan has 165 parmanu bombs as compared to India’s 156.

Fair enough, it is important to know why Pakistan’s sovereignty is questioned again and again and how Nawaz Sharif suited better to the current establishment for him having a track record of military budget expansion. Imran Khan is failing to keep the armed forces neutral and go to any extent to malign any organization of the country or the world establishment if he is thrown out of his chair.

More importantly, Nawaz Sharif, an establishment product, was also known to have committed to 6 atomic bomb tests against India’s five tests in 1998. Today, we need to know the deterrence that Pakistan enjoys is pivotal to avoid future wars. President Ayub Khan (who started Pakistan’s nuclear program) after coming from Britain had instructed his General working in PITAC to start the Pakistan Nuclear Program.

Nuclear Law Pakistan

In recent days a lot of discussions have occurred on social media with most of the material dependent on the current statements from Mohsin Pakistan Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan. Most of the posts on social media pages portrayed that govt of the Pakistan Muslim League was not willing to conduct the nuclear tests and it was the pressure exerted by the country that forced them to carry out nuclear explosions. Dr. A Q Khan has been saying that it was he who convinced Mian sahib to take a decision, Nizami sahib says credit goes to him as he threatened

qaum aap ka dhamaka kar de gi…AQ Khan

Since archives of the 20th-century newspapers of Pakistan are unavailable on the internet hence no one bothered to do research to see what actually happened during those tense days. Was it actually the Nawaz Govt. That resisted the evaluations? Or there were other constraints that made a delay of 16 days to react towards the Indian Threat. Was the delay necessary? The pursuit of these questions compelled me to invest time in public libraries and locating the writings of MAY 1998. The timeline of this atomic Pakistan is given in the following paragraphs.

Pakistan Nuclear Weapon 1998 Test

The rebuttal of “Who wanted to conduct and that do not wish to run test” is posted herewith. The timeline presented here but clearly shows the honesty of Pakistani direction for conducting the evaluations.

11th MAY, 1998 India with no threat to its national safety tested 3 Nuclear devices

Three nuclear devices that were analyzed include Fission, very low return, and Thermonuclear type. To pressurize Pakistan, India ran the tests at a site that was just 150 kilometers far from the Pakistani border. India also tested one short-range missile Tirshol exactly the exact same moment.

Not only Pakistan but the majority of countries from all around the world were given a complete surprise. For Pakistan, it was a testing period. The testing time to react like an accountable Muslim state. The testing time to react like a strong nation. The exact same afternoon Pakistani FM Gohar Ayub rapped the global community for encouraging India to attain nuclear aspirations. He had been talking from the senate of PAKISTAN exactly the exact same day. It was quite apparent that PAKISTAN as a country and PMLN as a ruling party do not have any ambiguity to allow India to do whatever she likes.

13 May 1998: Day two of Nuclear Pakistan Timeline

Pakistan was sure to conduct evaluations from day one. All it needed was time to adjust with the scientific and security arrangement to guarantee the security of atomic installations. The PM of Pakistan on the very next day made it clear that Pakistan will not accept any dictations and we will determine what’s in the best interest of the nation.

Talking to the reporters he stated that

I want to assure the state that we are not unaware of the country’s legitimate security concernsThe NATION May 13, 1998

It was not only then PM Mian Nawaz Sharif, but the sign of federation President Rafique Tarar also assured the state that Pakistan will respond appropriately but at the proper time.

14 May 1998: Day 3 of Atomic Pakistan Timeline

Time was passed quickly and the matters were presented to the Defense Committee of Cabinet (DCC). A good deal of things was to be finalized and a debate on the two aspects of the problem was started. It was also significant that PAKISTAN needed to plan economically for the likely sanctions from the USA and its allies. The fiscal situation and the defense preparations must be discussed before the atomic tests. The Nation filed a photograph of the third afternoon revealing Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan taking notes through a DCC meeting.

The exact same day it was reported from the local newspapers that US President Bill Clinton telephoned the PM Nawaz Sharif and said that the USA will enforce its own laws regarding nuclear explosions and they will envisage the sanctions in law. However, PM Nawaz Sharif took a bold step and made it quite clear to him that Pakistan has all the right to do anything is to ensure its security and we’ll take appropriate measures.

15 May 1998: Day 4 of Nuclear Pakistan Timeline

Day 4 of the nuclear Pakistan deadline includes a headline in National newspapers which Pakistan rejects strain on national security. The cabinet was reported unanimously over the atomic tests. I understand where you do not have archives on the net it’s very easy to play filthy. The present social media is indeed eager to circulate untrue stories based on a few newspaper columns concerning the atomic test just to malign Nawaz Sharif.

16 May 1998: Day 5 of Nuclear Pakistan Timeline

After the initial call from US President, the USA sent its deputy secretary of state Mr. Talbot to reconcile with Pakistan however PMLN govt led by Mian Nawaz Sharif (PM) advised him that Pakistan isn’t refraining by a tit for tat reaction to Indian explosions. However, as a token of planet policemen they didn’t neglect to inform Pakistan that severe consequences will be confronted if we analyzed our atomic devices, but it was its bad luck LIONS were judgment Pakistan.

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Bill Clinton was optimistic that Pakistan will not explode the nuclear apparatus and will be happy with the economic bundle but alas…

17 May 1998: Day 6 of Nuclear Pakistan Timeline

On day 6 the 3 major government officeholders advised the state that Pakistan won’t compromise on its own safety. It was that the FM Gohar Ayub who in a really clear way informed the world that geological evaluations are extremely close to certain, second it was PM Nawaz Sharif who once again express that Pakistan will not compromise its safety. President Rafique Tarar used the forum of 102 GDP course and 48th Engg. Class at PAF academy Risalpur to verbalize it is beyond imagination that Pakistan will undermine its sovereignty.

18 May 1998: Day 7 of Atomic Pakistan Timeline

Following the policy announcement by the Pakistani FM, PM and the President USA chose to danger Pakistani govt and nation to face dire effects.

The Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif felt the matter well and advised the USA that Pakistan will decide what’s in the best interests. He while addressing an open kutchery told the world

We are not worried over the India nuclear tests because Pakistan has the exact same potential. Pakistan can establish its nuclear value within 12 to 24 hours. We’ve never taken any decision in haste in this regard and We’re monitoring the response of the world towards Indian nuclear explosionNawaz Sharif

How come it was possible. The newspaper headlines state the English term REBUFF that means a blunt or abrupt rejection.

20 May 1998: Day 9 of Atomic Pakistan Timeline

The Pakistani PM again ensured that carrying the Indian threat seriously and he raised the question Indian home minister is talking about occupying Azad Kashmir and the way our activity of nuclear testing will probably be incorrect under these circumstances?

One news report of the same day revealed that Pakistan may conduct a nuclear test in the next 72 hours. The report shows that the trips to friendly states were powerful and our friends have given us a green sign thus understanding our point of view. The research further revealed that the deadline can be extended for fulfilling the toughest technical requirements.

The same day President also assured us that we won’t compromise safety.

23 May 1998: Day 12 of Nuclear Pakistan Timeline

The day arrived when PM declared that Pakistan is prepared for a befitting response. That day newspaper also told us that Bill Clinton and Tony Blair again call Nawaz Sharif. Pity for the US and UK a lion was ruling the country.

24 May 1998: Day 13 of Atomic Pakistan Timeline

After receiving calls from the US, Britain, and the Canadian govt. It was clear that the world economic powers will impose sanctions on Pakistan. The economic sanctions look light when you read them in the newspaper but in a country striving for a better economy, it’s challenging to get through it. PM Nawaz Sharif said that we as a Nation are all set to manage the sanctions. In other words, he had informed the world about our choice.

25 May 1998: Day 14 of Nuclear Pakistan Timeline

A hijacking drama of PIA airplane PK-554 was plotted by the Indians that was ended after a commando performance at Hyderabad Airport. It’s important to mention the exact same sort of drama that was played with Indian governments during the 1970s to help the Makati Bahnis of East Pakistan. The Indian drama revealed that India is searching for some misadventure.

26 May 1998: Day 15 of Atomic Pakistan Timeline

The situation was crucial and it was obvious that India will try to undermine the safety of Pakistan until it is going to test the nuclear apparatus. To counter the Indian moves the PM and COAS fulfilled in Islamabad and discussed the security issues. COAS also led the army units deployed over LOC to get ready for the Indian moves.

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27 May 1998: Day 16 of Nuclear Pakistan Timeline

In wake of the Indian threat and also to strengthen the defense along LoC that the govt setups the boundary shield bodies by distributing ammunition and arms to your 2000 villagers that constitute 160 shield bodies. On an identical day, COAS visited the LoC and the Navel chief visited the units of the Pak Naval fleet. Meanwhile, both elders of the govt. Meets and discusses the actions required for federal sovereignty. The Federal Minister of Finance Sartaj Aziz and a member of DCC advised that defense can’t be bartered for a financial package. The nation was planning to run the nuclear tests within a few days.

The missile was sent out of AQ Khan research laboratories to an unknown place. Just before Pakistan was becoming the very first Islamic Atomic state Turkish, Japanese and British PMs phoned Pakistani PM. The answer to our PM was straightforward. PM Nawaz Sharif did not go to bed and he remained active throughout the night ordering steps to counter the ”attack”. When requested to take a rest he explained

The country is sleeping and therefore I must keep awakeNawaz Shareef

The balance of power had been made in favor of Pakistan. But, Pakistan, unlike India did not disclose the kind of devices tested.

Nuclear Engineering Pakistan

The next day was jubilation across the nation. Those were PTV’s best 10 minutes and of course, the best Mic Drop in the history of nuclear physics; which shook the whole world. There was a tide of happiness all over the country and the whole country which was demoralized following the explosion of May 11 and 13 heaved a sigh of relief. Shortly the people in a spontaneous response arranged extensive fireworks, firecrackers, and resorted to aerial firing to share their happiness. The most essential aspect of the atomic Pakistan deadline was that it immaculately restored the delicate balance of power between Pakistan and India and successfully lightened the clouds of war that had begun looming over the subcontinent.

ABC News reported that Pakistan’s atomic tests clearly showed the disappointment of the USA for not restraining Pakistan. The report demonstrated that the choice for atomic tests was a fantastic series of a different Pakistan.

Later on 30th May Pakistan analyzed another atomic device thus balancing a score of 6/6 with India.

Social media has been extremely entertaining (and disappointing) for the last decade. Blinded by nationalist pride, justice warriors have been active with such ferocity that the absurdity of it all ended up reaching new heights. There was an online Twitter poll to gauge the extent of public support for a nuclear offensive. Across the border, you’d have ended up with people’s willingness to sacrifice millions, just so they could retaliate with their prized nuclear warheads. Typical narrative, same institutionalized brainwashing, separated by a virtual boundary. The premise is preposterous and flawed to the core.

Why India can not afford a nuclear war with Pakistan is what humanity should not wish for. We have seen it in the past as well. The USA is the only Country that Used Atomic Bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan killing millions. There has been a hand full of martyrs in history whose deaths are remembered and celebrated, the masses go into mass graves as well. Nuclear Weapons are supposed to be lethal. Nuclear engineering in Pakistan universities is top-notch as I have personally visited PINSTEC (Nilore; where is Pakistan’s 8MW nuclear plant for civil use) and PIEAS. Remember Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are for deterrence and Pakistan’s nuclear power generation capacity is negligible (KASHNUP Pakistan nuclear power plant Karachi, and CHASMA).

A Normal Nuclear Pakistan

Estimated Nuclear Fallout if Pakistan Strikes New Delhi with 45 kilo Ton Estimated fatalities: 195,640, Estimated injuries: 499,380

Nuclear weapons are not Shurli Patakhay (nuclear fire noodles Pakistan), these are supposed to be lethal. The death toll from a nuclear war will be too ghastly to contemplate. It’s understandable, time and again, the leadership would love to appease rightist vote banks by fueling cross-border hatred, but that doesn’t stop it from being hilarious (and sad). Misplaced pride and massively inflated ego have made the populace oblivious to the fact that millions would perish in the fallout of a nuclear disaster. Let’s not invest in health care, education, and infrastructure because, well, the established narrative is too critical to ignore. It’s basic logic if a whole continent can learn to coexist and develop a functional free market after enduring two world wars, so can two neighboring countries that have sprung from the same civilization.

Pakistan Nuclear Test

Einstein not giving a shit to the Nuclear test in the back.

At times of war, a voice against war is never appreciated by the state. They need people to be united to form a stronger narrative. Thus, opinion is manipulated or changed via Social Media propaganda (Facebook statuses, Tweets, Ads, News Headlines). The only thing we need to keep in mind is the fact that there is no such thing as bad publicity. One of the ways to counter such narratives is to not share anything related to war (except for the hard-stated facts in this article). Narratives are fueled by the banter of the masses. Ignoring them might seem weird but it might be one of the best tactics out there. And we speak so because any person ready/willing/proactive about war has not truly witnessed/experienced war (read pain). There is no glory in war unless you were in a consultation/off-field role during it. You should be prepared but never wish for it.

Pakistan Nuclear threat to India

As ex-Pakistani Defense Minister Khawaja Asif threatened in the past to “annihilate” India with nuclear bombs in return, this is the nuclear strategy of Pakistan viz-a-viz India. Nuclear programs are popular within each country and are protected by strong institutional and domestic political constituencies. In view of these factors, international pressure over a period of decades has had a little direct impact on the attitudes of India and Pakistan concerning nuclear weapons. Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is widely regarded as designed to dissuade India from taking military action against Pakistan.

Nuclear Power Pakistan vs India

The current military buildup is initiated by India responding to a so-called terrorist attack URI on 18 September 2016 (during which at a rear administrative base camp with tents caught fire, 17 army personnel were killed.) India claimed that the attacks were carried out by four Pakistan-based terror (inauzubillah) groups fighting Indian administered Kashmir, the Jammat ud Dawa (formerly known as Lashkar-e-Taiba) and Jaish-e-Mohammad, both of whom India has said are backed by Pakistan’s ISI a charge that Pakistan denied. Religion is not the problem, some people are to blame for the way they teach people to be. Changing the way somebody thinks is much the same as cutting off their heads. Language potentiate required with love.

Once again, the threat of nuclear war hangs over the Indian sub-continent as India and Pakistan teeter on the brink of another war following a series of military escalations that might worsen if Pakistan decides to respond today to its rival’s “surgical strikes” on Feb 26, 2019. Islamabad’s expansion of its nuclear arsenal, development of new types of nuclear weapons, and adoption of a doctrine called “full-spectrum deterrence” have led some observers really know that its weapons are for not-first use and only to reflect concern about an increased risk of nonstrategic balance in favor of India since the civil-nuclear deal with the US. Why afraid of Pakistan and Iran have nuclear weapons when the US and other nuclear weapon holders still doing war and looting the people and doing war crimes killing millions?

Status of Nuclear in Pakistan
Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal probably consists of approximately 110-130 nuclear warheads, although it could have more. Islamabad is producing fissile material, adding to related production facilities, and deploying additional nuclear weapons and new types of delivery vehicles. Pakistan has both aircraft and land-based missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons. Short-range ballistic missiles and attack aircraft are the two methods favored for launching these deadly weapons.

Dr. Mubarakmand (who made Pakistan nuclear power?) is reported to have said how many nuclear bombs Pakistan has:

Pakistan has over 15 types of nuclear weapons, from large weapons that can be carried on fighter jets to small ones that can be loaded onto ballistic missiles, and even smaller warheads for cruise missiles and tactical nuclear weapons.

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The nuclear rhetoric on both sides is much too heated, since, A Bharatiya Janata Party MP calls for a nuclear attack on Pakistan. As of August, India is estimated to have from 100 to 120 nuclear warheads. Respective decisions to pursue nuclear weapons stem largely from their troubled bilateral relationship, assessments of threats posed by each other (and China in India’s case), perceptions of enhanced national power or status derived from the possession of such weapons, and domestic politics.

Higgs Boson

Borders do define cultural split; however, shared heritage like nature and history can never be ignored. People like to affiliate to similarities more than they seek differences. If you are religious pray for better times and act accordingly. If you are not, just act in a manner that helps avoid such situations until there is no other alternative. Pakistan is not the only country in the world that possesses nuclear weapons while its people are living in poverty. I would guarantee you that every single country that has nuclear weapons also has people living in poverty.

Nuclear bomb Pakistan vs India:

  • The detonation of 100 nuclear warheads of the same yield destroyed the Japanese city of Hiroshima in 1945.
  • Around 21 million persons in both countries will die within a week in nuclear attacks.
  • That death toll is roughly the population of New Delhi and a fifth of Pakistan’s current population.
  • After a year, the Earth’s average surface temperature could drop by 1.1 Kelvin (2 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Five years after the Indo-Pak nuclear war, the Earth will be three degrees colder on average than it was before.
  • In this same time period, the Earth will have nine percent less rain than usual.
  • After 26 years, the Earth will receive 4.5 percent less rain than before the war.
  • In the five years after the war, the ozone will become 20 to 25 percent thinner on average.

Warning to Indians who are thinking about how to destroy Pakistan’s nuclear weapons: There have been acquisitions of sophisticated weaponry by our neighbor India which always disturbed the conventional balance between our two countries and hence, India needs to lower the nuclear threshold. Or else, two billion people will starve in the aftermath of a nuclear exchange involving 100 nuclear weapons. Pakistani will, unfortunately, have to respond and mind it, India is the only Hindu nation on Earth.

Where are Pakistani nuclear weapons stored? Are they safe?

Kahuta? No. Kala Chitta mountains? Shamsi Airbase? Here’s a thing mate, we were plagued with terrorism and insurgency for 18 years and our biggest enemies made the best use out of it still they couldn’t do any significant harm to our installations. Do you really think nuclear capability is child’s play? Pakistan’s nuclear command and control system are safe and secure. The danger is mixing nukes with ignorance.

How much Nuclear Bomb in Pakistan

So the question is and should be if it were Pakistan who misfired one of their missiles accidentally, then what would have been the nature of the response from the world. Remember India had professed to no first use policy and in circumstances that follow it does not seem a healthy promise. We know that Pakistan has second-strike capability only from the sea. What about the nuclear weapons in Israel, the USA, Russia, China, Germany, France? Before searching for suspected nuclear weapons, un-arm yours! How many nuclear warheads does the US have? Over 6000 and there all in hidden locations, some are in subs in the ocean or lakes. Unless they’ve unarmed themselves, the number was 8k-10k.

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