[Match Summary Classless Nation India vs Pakistan in Ahmedabad] Mickey Arthur Boos India Back

Ravi Shastri can write a novel on his post-toss discussion with Rohit Sharma. Indian fans booing Babar Azam’s interview on toss is their temperament as a nation. The crowd booed at Babar Azam, but he kept smiling. Disappointed, and super disappointed with the crowd for booing at Babar Azam when he started to speak during the toss.

Last we checked, ICC is now a branch of the BJP. Let’s pray that Bajrang Dal does not take over. Graceless crowd at Ahmedabad. Remember that there was the utmost massacre of human lives during the partition of 1947. You lack ethics and it’s a show of poor upbringing.

The blue dominance outside Narendra Modi Stadium

The green visa was sabotaged!

Blaming the DJ for the loss

The Disk Jockey did not play dil dil Pakistan song often on Pakistani boundaries. They’re all shushed up every time a boundary was struck. Iman had started enjoying the pin-drop silence. And keeping it going. It’s so strange to have complete silence when we hit a four. Boys, you may not hear us there, but back home, we’re screaming for you! Terrific straight drive from Imam. May he find his form today.

You need two hands to clap, Ahmedabad has just got one Sandeep Dwivedi has killed it!

When a Pakistan player hits a boundary at the Narendra Modi Stadium, it feels like…

Where is the crowd gone. Mathew Hayden, on silence in Ahmedabad after Pakistan’s early boundaries

The rest of the cricketing nations should organize tournaments amongst themselves. Let India have its Bharat-fest, with their tailored pitches all to themselves. Why do teams keep subjecting themselves to this repeated disrespect?

No problem Abdullah this was an uneven bounce. Cross seam ball that skid.

Pandeya got rid of Imam ul Haq. Before delivering the ball he was caught performing some mystical rituals.

Each of our top 3 batters today have played the best straight drives. The pitch seems to be really good for batting. May Pakistan score big today somehow.

Babar Rizwan partnership needed so badly

Fifty up captain for Captain. By this time, if I were a shameful Indian fan, I would say Rohit’s captaincy was lacking in this instance. The Indian spinners had effectively applied pressure, and the Pakistani batsmen seemed frustrated enough to attempt risky shots. Thank you for easing the pressure.

He batted well for 50 but needed a century from him today. One mistiming and that cost him his wicket. Babar, why did you have to attempt that silly shot for a single? Though he made fifty, it seemed nervy.

The pitch had started to perform low. Yet the players resorted to horizontal shorts.

We do not need to go aerial but rotating strike is important. Improvement in running between the wickets is the damning requirement in the middle overs. Rizwan with his personal goals has shamed Pakistan. He made sure that he gets to his fifty and this undermined Saud Shakil’s role. Wasting ball is his case.

However, harassing Rizwan in your own country and on your own ground. What has he done to deserve this? The man has never disrespected your religion. But acting like this undermines the grace of Indian fans who often claim the moral high ground. It’s a pathetic behavior.

Timid. Saud Shakil in his ancestral place behaved like a complete surrender. He was completely nervous. Almost gave away his wicket with reckless first ball run. Hit and go chance.

Iftikhar looks Afghan by his appearance. Got unlucky on trying to hit a sweep as the ball kissed the leg stump after kissing his glove.

Let’s set a target of 225 from here. Anything above that would be a bonus.

Now Shadab and Nawaz have to justify why they are in the team. If they can’t bat for 50 overs, then they must be replaced by Usama Mir.

The least refined player, ‘Shadab Khan’… Virtually no batting technique and he labels himself an all-rounder… Bring back Imad Wasim instead of this Mianwali constant disappointment. Wasim Akram was seen defending Shadab that it was a good off-cutter. To be honest, he was keeping in his mind for role of drafting Shadab from his PSL franchise probably.

Afridi got his pace back. Why on earth is Shaheen bowling short? Didn’t he see the length Bumrah bowled?

No extras alhumdulilah, intent shown!!!

The issue is not having good bowling options. Even on the bench, we have Usama Mir, who is similar to Shadab. Even in the domestic circuit, there isn’t a standout spinner. If we could find a spinner like Ajmal or even Afridi, we could pose a serious challenge.

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This bowling unit is nothing. It won’t win you games. Look at Haris, going for runs as if he is playing tape ball cricket. No sense of maturity shown by players. Imam as usual caught sleeping in the field. All they do is eat biryanis. This is international cricket, not some local league. Wholesomeness won’t win you games. This team is too soft. Ashamed that this is what Pakistan team has reduced to.

Wasim Akram on A-Sports

Who is responsible for Pakistan’s defeat against India tonight?

Congratulations to Team India! Pakistan started off well but lost track. Pakistani batters seemed lost after Babar Azam’s wicket fell, and Indian bowlers capitalized. Chasing 192 was a walk in the park for India’s strong batting lineup, with Rohit Sharma leading the charge. We were bound to lose this match. Might as well go down swinging, pushing the run rate so we get knocked out of the tournament.

Overall, India’s brilliant performance outclassed Pakistan. Best of luck to Pakistan for the next match. Looking forward to a rematch between India and Pakistan in Ahmedabad for the World Cup final!

Let’s agree that India is a better team than Pakistan. Let’s come out of this false illusion that we are superior. In T20, we excel. We lack the temperament for 50 overs. Plus, there are barely any players capable of carrying the innings sensibly.

It didn’t seem like an ICC event tonight – let’s be brutally honest. It seemed like a bilateral series or a BCCI event. I didn’t hear Dil Dil Pakistan coming through the mics too often. That does play a role, but I won’t use it as an excuse. Mickey Arthur

How do you explain the collapse from 155 for 2 to 191 suddenly? Are you suggesting that Pakistan was playing well because of the ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ song played by the DJ, and then they collapsed because the song stopped?

Merit, responsibility and accountability

If they continue bowling like this, Australia, despite their poor form, would easily overpower us. Now, if in the next match, they don’t play Usama Mir instead of Shadab or Nawaz, then this team management, including the captain, deserves a good scolding. These two aren’t even batting well, which is why they play these part-timers instead of proper spinners. Usama might do a better job in batting than Shadab and Nawaz. At least then we’d have one proper spinner in the team.

Right arm full toss short pitch bowler

On this pitch, if we bowl at the right length, we can put up a fight. However, I’m worried that Shaheen will bowl too full and Shadab will bowl too short. Indian spinners have really tightened the screws on the run rate. Our spinners, during the same phase of the innings, give away too many loose balls.

There’s Abrar, there’s Usman Qadir. It’s just that Babar prefers part-timers. Part-time bowlers instead of genuine spinners, and part-time batsmen instead of proper ones. When Usman Qadir was in the team, the media used to say Babar was playing on friendship quota. The same is true for Abrar now. We need a spinners talent hunt program ASAP.

Protect this guy at any cost

Men used to go to war, but now they support Pakistan in India, surrounded by Indians. Insha’Allah, we’ll take revenge in the crowd aspect in the 2025 Champion’s trophy match.

There should be a gallantry award for these supporters.

Ahmedabad – with all due respect – you were classless, graceless, and disgraceful. Pakistan was definitely not expecting the same level of hospitality as the people of Hyderabad displayed. Neither was Pakistan expecting a grand welcome or support from the crowd.

But what Pakistan certainly did not expect was constant booing, abusive chants, and intimidating behavior, particularly towards Muhammad Rizwan.

Supporting Team India was your right. Filling the entire stadium with Indian crowd was your choice. The aforementioned three nonsensical tactics were your decision, which was unsporting to say the least.

Thank you Ahmedabad for nothing..!

The Zaka Ashraf Factor

A day before Zaka Ashraf met. Much like Pakistan Peoples Party’s Yousaf Raza Gillani in Mohali 2011. It has become a norm that game is a big regret afterwards. They are a sellout. And there are chaces of matches being fixed in Peoples party’s control. I hope Zaka Ashraf sold this match in USD instead of PKR. Business should thrive at least.

But to be honest: An absolute carnaige awaits our number one team, as any sane mind could have foreseen. The streak lives on, and quite brutally at that. It all began with our so-called former cricketing legend Wasim Akram deliberately underperforming in back-to-back World Cup matches against India, first in 1996 (feigning injury) and later in the 1999 edition, when our team of that era was more than capable of beating India 9 out of 10 times. Our team no longer fixes matches. They are presently losing purely on merit.

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