Shame On BCCI Puppet Vikrant Gupta for Putting Lives of Pakistani Cricket Team at Risk

The ‘T’ in the name Vikrant stands for Tatti. He put the life of a Pakistani cricketer at risk by questioning his display of faith on the ground. Ahead of the Pakistan-India game, the musketeer had insinuated to the war-mongering and jingoistic Indian nation as if Rizwan’s celebration of praising Allah Al-might on the ground was against the spirit of the game or against Sanatan faith. To be noticed that quite recently Zainab Abbas, the lone female Pakistani TV presenter at the World Cup had to be evicted upon receiving life threats.

It is to remember that Muhammad Yousaf before reverting to Islam had been symbolized crucified (Cross) as part of his celebrations after individual milestones. No one was butt hurt.

Right after the match ceremony, Muhammad Rizwan tweeted:

This was for our brothers and sisters in Gaza. 🤲🏼

Whereas, Vikrant questioned ICC if this tweet was allowed. He remembers Dhoni was asked to remove the Army insignia from his gloves during the World Cup 2019. He further questioned, aren’t cricketers prohibited from making political and religious statements during ICC events?

The ICC asserts that it falls outside the realm of play, beyond their jurisdiction. It’s a matter for the individual player and their cricket board to decide. Sportsmen are entitled to have opinions. Let’s refrain from turning everything into a contentious matter. Cricket has to be won or lost on the field.

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