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Day By Day Account: TRF Kashmir Encounter 2023

Colonel Manpreet of the Rashtriya Rifle, along with two fellow officers, has lost his life in an assault by Kashmiri freedom fighters in IIOJK. Numerous others have sustained injuries. Notably, according to Kashmiri sources, it was the same Colonel Manpreet who led the operation resulting in the martyrdom of Burhan Wani.

This underscores the unwavering dedication of Kashmir and its people to their cause. While Pakistan may be examining the situation from a distinct angle, the resolve of the Kashmiris remains resolute.

Based on information provided by a source within the Indian Military (RR), details have emerged about the incident in Anantnag.

Based on specific inputs, in a joint operation launched by the Indian Army and J&K Police, an infiltration bid was foiled today. 3 terrorists [read: freedom fighters]tried to infiltrate and were engaged by alert troops. 2 terrorists [read: freedom fighters] were eliminated and their bodies recovered, the third terrorist [read: freedom fighter] was killed but the retrieval of the body was interfered by firing by the Pak post in the vicinity, on LoC. Search operations are underway.

Baramulla, J&K: Brigadier PMS Dhillon, Commander of the Pir Panjal Brigade

This press conference served as a smokescreen, as they suffered the loss of two out of three high-ranking officers, allowing the adversaries to evade capture.

Col., Major and an IPS officer from IoK

It is reported that Indian Army Colonel Manpreet Singh and Major Ashish, accompanied by over 30 soldiers, were joined by DSP J&K Police Humayun Bhat and at least 10 J&K Police personnel. They acted on intelligence indicating the presence of individuals from Kashmir in the area. The Colonel and Major, seemingly motivated by prospects of promotion, conducted the operation. They also sought the assistance of J&K Police due to their familiarity with the terrain.

A purported image from the Baramulla Gunfight location. The photograph distinctly shows the body of a deceased individual.

It’s a mere handful, just two or three individuals, pitted against hundreds in Anantanag. It resembles a full-blown conflict, with Paras, police, and army personnel all falling short. While it’s an uncommon occurrence, it does happen.

The Resistance Force

In this instance, TRF has undoubtedly humbled the overconfident Hindian Twitter warriors who fancied their SFS to be superior to the likes of the Seals or SAS – quite the eye-opener!

As they advanced towards the location provided by the intelligence, they were suddenly ambushed by the Kashmiris, who were evidently prepared for their arrival. Following an exchange of gunfire, casualties were sustained among Indian Army and J&K police personnel, including injuries to the Major and DSP. Attempts to evade and take cover proved unsuccessful, as the Kashmiris surrounded them and compelled them into a defensive position.

Subsequently, negotiations ensued, and the fighters demanded the surrender of Colonel Manpreet Singh, Major Ashish, and DSP J&K Police Humayun Bhat in exchange for sparing their lives. Notably, Colonel Manpreet Singh, who had previously led an operation resulting in the demise of Burhan Wani in IIOJK, had recently been promoted and awarded a Gallantry award.

The Indian Army and J&K Police personnel ultimately agreed to hand over the designated individuals to the fighters in exchange for their own safety. They relinquished their weapons and equipment before departing the area. Later, upon their return, they reported the discovery of the lifeless bodies of Colonel Manpreet Singh, Major Ashish, and DSP J&K Police Humayun Bhat, alongside others.

An additional revelation states that the bodies of Colonel Manpreet and Major Ashish were found unclothed, prompting an ongoing investigation into potential signs of sexual assault or torture. Allegations suggest that information regarding the movement of Indian forces may have been leaked from within the RR or J&K Police.

The source further asserts that the Indian Army is suppressing both the actual figures of casualties and other pertinent facts. Moreover, it has been confirmed that those who facilitated the handover of Colonel Manpreet Singh, Major Ashish, and DSP J&K Police Humayun Bhat and subsequently fled the area have been apprehended.

Who lost their lives in Kashmir?

Both a colonel and a Major (IC-78151L) from 19 Rashtriya Rifles were recipients of the “Gallantry award.”

  • Colonel Manpreet, who was a Lieutenant Colonel at the time he led the operation, received a promotion and a gallantry award. His tenure was due to conclude in four months.
  • DSP Humayun Bhat is the son of former Deputy IG of J&K Police Ghulam Hassan Bhat. His father was appointed as DIG South just a week after Wani’s demise to handle the uprising. He spearheaded the severe and unprecedented crackdown, involving the use of pellet guns, following Wani’s death.

On the second day: Renewed gunfire erupted near the conflict zone in the Godole region of Kokarnag, Anantnag district. It is suspected that two freedom fighters are currently ensnared in the area. As of September 14, in the continuing confrontation between government forces and freedom fighters in Kokernag, two additional Indian usurper Army personnel have sustained injuries.

On the fourth day, the battle continues. There have been six casualties, among them a colonel and a major. The Indian army is reluctant to endure further losses. However, despite the assistance of air support from drones and helicopters, struggling to contain a small number of fighters in Kokernag does not reflect well on a force with decades of counter-terrorism experience.

On day six of the gunfight, the deceased body of Army member Pradeep was retrieved from the Gadole Kokarnag Gunfight location. It remains astonishing that despite India’s constant claims of military advancement, they still seem to lack fundamental surveillance capabilities using UAVs and Quadcopters.

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