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Technology Polls

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Change is inevitable
Will online fulfill all our home shopping needs in Pakistan in 2021?
Other options like wind, turbines, motion etc can be mentioned in comments

What energy generation source is going to run the world within next 20 years?


For me China
Which country/region do you think has excelled in solar technology and offers the most reliable solar solutions in Pakistan?

Countries like Pakistan and India, due to high dust content in the atmosphere, solar power panels efficiency is effected. Thats why solar power is still not the “rage” here. Robotic machines are required to clean the panels which means high maintenance and cost/efficiency issues.

Solar will be the most powerful source of energy in future
Is solar the future?

If the objective of this study as a standalone study without reference to trend on basis of voluntary responses here is to project favorable disposition and/or feasibility of solar as source of power generation, it is likely to be erroneous and misleading. (We know generating solar and reliance on solar 24/7 give very different cost figures).

Others brands sony, samsung, changhong, multynet, akira, LG pls mention in comments
Which TV brand would you recommend in Pakistan?

Preference faded after Led was introduced which resulted in the downfall of Sony & Panasonic in Pakistan I believe Samsung is a status symbol now in Led but in terms of sales TCL enjoys good market share.

I believe some Chinese brands have to extend bridged the gaps with Korean and Japanese-led brands so perhaps Japanese and Korean brands have lost momentum and shifted their priorities to other biz segments. And I believe introducing Harmon Kardon’s badge of speakers by TCL has completely changed their brand image amongst the audience. This badge and quality of the tv took the TCL to next level. As an enthusiast of electronic gadgets now I prefer TCL. 

Is anybody considering after sales back up or just the product itself? Sony has lost its earned market back in the mid-2000s especially by ending its Trinitron and Carrara Basu televisions.

For other brands like LG, Samsung, waves, Onational, gabba, SG, changhong, etc please mention in comments.
What is the best brand of fridge REF in Pakistan today?

In terms of sales Dawlance and Haier are on the top of the list. If you consider best in terms of quality and features. LG and Samsung have the state of the art features and advantages.

Brand preference depends on the product wants to buy, like LG is good in automatic washing machines Samsung is good for LED & no frost refrigerator Gree and Haier for AC Haier & Dawlance are good for the refrigerator.



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