Exports of Pakistani Mangoes Decreasing

It is the start of July and by the mid of July, the undisputed King Fruit Mangoes most liked type White Chaunsa (also called Honey Mangoes) will be ready. Ripe and juicy, Pakistani mangoes are traded all around the globe and are famous for their greatness in taste, quality, and an assortment of items. Unfortunately, the same Pakistani mangoes were being rebranded as Indian and sold in the middle-east due to export hindrances and due to the FATF grey list in the Europe and Americas.

An estimated 90,000 mango trees have now been cleared for DHA Multan. The process of cutting down mango trees for the resettlement of the Defense Housing Society has been going on since 2017. The locals also protested but the protest of the آ م and the mango of the rich is different.

Dawn published a detailed report about this but it will not crawl into anyone’s boat. I remembered. For the past two years, pictures and videos of the relentless deforestation have been circulating on social media. I just look and see what can be said of those who are doing this. Three or four fans asked me what I thought of it. Eventually, I thought that by the way, I have a bad opinion and in this case, I am also scared of a bad opinion, but if you want to know, I will tell you.

In my fear, hesitation, fear, weak, weak, weak, useless, useless, hateful and faulty opinion, the murder that is taking place may be the revenge of the death of the late Zia-ul-Haq which is being taken from the mangoes now after four decades. They said that we will determine the time and place. By the way, there is no need to whisper more.

What if 90,000 mango trees were cut down? Our esteemed ex-Prime Minister has planted one billion trees. Even if you subtract 90,000 out of one billion, 99.99 million new trees have been planted. The ex-Prime Minister also belonged to him and we all too. It is not necessary to spread such negativity. Simple things can be forgiven. The simple fact is that the figure of one billion is greater than one lac. If you are still saddened by this massacre, then nothing can be done to appease you.

The state has more important work to do. Ministry of Environment, can you help a handful of heartbroken people? Meaning do not do your job. Well done, The late John Elia is remembered saying.

خود کو جانا جدا زمانے سے آ گیا تھا میرے گمان میں کیا

بولتے کیوں نہیں میرے حق میں آبلے پڑ گئے زبان میں کیا

John Elia

Some may say it is a Chinese market invasion, and more opinion makers may declare the internal law and order situation as a major culprit, while most rank Pakistan’s damaged outlook due to terrorism. Business in Pakistan is failing big time at the behest of failing product quality also. I put up this simple question with my LinkedIn follower to help identify some reasons which Pakistani product exports have seen a reported downfall of -4.761% per year. The members from communities of professors, exporters, office holders of Chambers/Federations of Commerce and Industries, and scholars from Pakistan and Pakistani Embassies were invited to participate in this discussion. These highly admissible results that I attracted were around but not limited to these reasons (and remedies): Quality Standardization hurting Pakistan Exports Quality Standardization is poorly handled by local manufacturers.

پاکستان میں شادی کا اپنا انوکھا انداز..
آم اور لسی کے ساتھ ولیمہ کی تقریب

This simplicity and the healthy meal must be appreciated, such a positive innovation in culture.

In Pakistan, most businesses are being operated under the mindset of SAITH prevalence. Quality certification and adherence to health, labor, and environmental standards are still a problem for exporters. Low quality of education is the very reason the quality of any unique product is poor. Quality Control and Quality Assurance are major factors. The production cost is definitely high compared to India and China in addition to the supply chain issues; a lot of time delays, wastages, and quality isn’t up to the mark.

Types of Mangoes in Pakistan

Most of our products are not complying the IEC, ISO/PSI Standards. CE marking is missing to cover EU member states. In this regard, big chunks of learning from China, India, Thailand, and Malaysia need to be applied to our export business. UL is missing to cover the USA market. Testing Reports are not bothered against ISO 17025 as evidence of compliance of products. Certifications like ISO, and OHSAS are taken just for display, our exporters simply don’t understand the concept of PDCA cycle, 6 Sigma, etc. There is no concept of labor laws, a lack of trained and skilled labor, and thus a lack of professionalism and standardization. Many companies don’t have an R&D department, they lack skills in manufacturing products.

Our Mango production cost is on the higher side in the international market. The cost of production is on the higher side due to increasing energy costs and Government policies. We are at about 150 positions when considering ease of doing business. Pakistani exporters need an export-oriented friendly Government policy. Electricity is too expensive. Corruption in customs has led to overheads. Slow processing of customs for clearance introduces exporters to adopt much-disliked malpractices. The exchange rate is an even bigger issue. The rupee is overvalued therefore exports are always dwindling. The use of outdated technology also leads to inefficient production. Thus, manufacturing errors in products and industrial downfalls.

Poor land, road, or rail transportation service also become a hindrance when it comes to reducing logistic costs. High Fuel costs also put a heavy burden on firms and can adversely affect their competitiveness. The availability of cheap fuel, especially electricity, is essential to boost exports. Understanding Import and Export of Pakistan Our commercial sections of the Pakistani Embassy in various countries are not effectively working to promote Pakistani Products.

One remedy is to create an export culture. The main problem lies in the planning; no one really planned for the future. Very hard to see things moving in the right direction in terms of making Pakistan an export-oriented country. Bureaucratic hurdles, corruption, injustice, bribery, and political interference are at the helms of affairs. Many documents are required for exports.

In most common opinion poor management structure, at every level, is to be held responsible for decreasing exports. We lack Physical infrastructure and compelling Export zones. Embassies ought to play an important role to represent the country’s products in respective markets. Exporters need facilitation from embassies with regard to successful trade missions. The involvement of successful export companies in each sector is necessary. These successful export companies must be engaged in policy amendments to trade missions. Respective Chambers of Commerce need to educate local SMEs to come out of their contentment and look for global markets.

Mangoes from Pakistan

Shezan International Limited is a Pakistani beverage corporation and manufacturer. It has various products including soft drinks, juices, ketchup, and jams. The company is also the single largest grower of mangoes in Pakistan. Two industries, Agriculture and Overseas Pakistanis are hope at this stage for a large number of intellectuals; unfortunately, these are not our priorities. I am a strong believer that Pakistan can do better in terms of agriculture.

For example, Pakistani mangoes have a lot of demand overseas but almost 40% produced gets wasted due to an inefficient supply chain. Entering this value chain makes sense if one has the resources and know-how. We have huge potential and most success is obtained through individual efforts more Collective wisdom and efforts to be applied and learn from our mistakes and look to the future. By addressing a lot of these factors with a short-term policy setup to encourage exporters, by ensuring improvement around the power sector, by having a detailed review of tax policy; and technology up-gradation on regular basis, exports could be improved and the bill of imports of Pakistan could be countered. The best part is they know everything. We just need to keep pushing and highlighting these issues day in and day out.

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