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print media in pakistan since 1947
print media in pakistan since 1947


Pakistan TikTok Banned: What is Wrong with Pakistan Media Industry?

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Today, the Chief operating officer of Facebook had a virtual meeting with Imran over an investment opportunity in Pakistan. The dilemma of Pakistan is that technology has reached us and we have absolutely no idea how to use it. We brutally abuse it. Talk about cyberspace. The social tech is subtly re-engineering the society we live in, how many people (even in the industry) are even aware of the vision it attempts to pursue and the moral implications attached to it? TikTok is the most lament example. TikTok is a tech startup that got its boom a year ago and they are now an independent company with their headquarters in tech capitals of the world. However, this should not go unnoticed that even Trump is not happy with them. The platform is open for mockery of our religion and culture. Should we really wait for the “wrong” to happen? Here are the Reasons why TikTok has been banned despite Imran Khan met with Facebook’s COO for digitization, they will blow your Mind:

  • Tiktok was being used to spread political awareness IN Pakistan.

role of media in pakistan pdf	As PTI with its failures, contradictions and U-turns stands exposed youth has stopped singing Tabdeeli songs and instead they are using their energy to question the performance and decisions of the Govt and its backers so the same PTI which took credit for politicizing youth is shutting down avenues for youth to express itself. All expression is banned if it’s not pro PTI and the army! According to the Government, digitization is their foremost need but there are many ways that are better and productive.

  • Tik Tokers only obsessed with Vulgar stories and Power Showcase

role of media pdfIt’s all fun and games until some 14-year-old watches a Tik Tok video and gets the wrong idea about modesty or develops a hatred for some religious concept that you decided to portray ‘sarcastically’ but ridiculed it. All of these Tik Tok videos really piss normal people off:

Jannat Zubair’s Videos suggested as to how she was excited to celebrate her 10M Tik Tok followers.

Sucks that one of the first internet media companies like unfortunately, Tik Tok, in Pakistan had to emulate Bigo and not vox/vice/literally-anything-else. It is not only about taboos. People who use the platform make it look captivating. And totally beware of the topics they discuss and the way they present them. Not everything stupid people do should be your stupid duty to put into the limelight under the name of sarcasm and harmless fun.

impact of media on pakistani culture

Meanwhile, Tik Tok PM Kashi and people like him gained financial support from brands and some acknowledgment for being anti-vulgarity.

These Tik Tokers salvaged religion to gain followers. More so, all of a sudden an Islamic quote without reference comes associated with Hazrat Ali RA. Or just after a song, a Quranic verse played. There are videos that hurl open weapons in public spaces just to showcase might.

  • Tik Tok promoting LGBTQ in Pakistan

role of media in pakistan ppt	Right under the nose of Govt. of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Serious legal action must be taken against this stupid blog. This is a result of the majority of liberals who use to believe in a notion, let people do what they like, it’s their life after all. What does our constitution say about promoting Lesbianism in Pakistan?

Few hundreds or a few thousand LGBT community such as Alex Bhatti at most thinks that 200 million people in Pakistan are intolerant that we should allow anyone to change our religious and cultural norms? Does that make us tolerant?

You want to live your life at your will, do it, no one will stop you but you want others to accept it and allow you to do it publicly, that is something that cause trouble. You don’t need to ridicule certain religious and cultural things just because you feel like it.

Live your life and let others live theirs, don’t offend.

role of media in pakistan in urdu

Tik Tok is literally such a trash.com, finding new ways every day to be an annoying, misinformed, presumptuous, and straight-up propagator of high-quality BS. Look the rebuttal to one of their stories, for example:

Ali Khan: 6 million people followed me in 60 days made huge money went to Dubai. found new friends.

Generally, I don’t really care whatever the people want to do or how they want to live their lives because at the end everyone has to answer for their own deeds and all will get what they deserve. Oh yes, the one leg half pant rolled guy with the orange glasses needs to be sent back to Hyderabad.

  • Sounds like Tik Tokers get paid for Promoting Sext

Tik Tokker community only puts a twist to the imaginary stories and always their content is vulgar. If any individual’s video was in violation of the constitution, religion & law, will there not be a ban on Tik TokIf you have a platform like that you don’t need to spread vulgarity in people’s minds.

Freedom of media in Pakistan. Check out Bhola for example.

This and lot more to come if we still don’t cap people to where to start and what to start. Desires and wants are always endless but that does not mean anyone to do whatever they like. An Islamic society is a free society but it has its own boundaries. If they aren’t kept we should be ready to face Allah’s wrath and displeasure which will be highly catastrophic.

  • Tik Tok fixing people

pemraWhy is Tik Tokkers blaming religion and men for everything that is wrong in Pakistani society?

But I believe Tik Tok usage in Pakistan is inspired by the mainstream Silver Screen (TV Media) in absence of Bollywood. Areeqa Haq who took away Hania’s boyfriend is a live example.

Facebook too is not miles away!!! You know how Nimra Ali salvaged her screen time for money. Broadcast Media transpires onto our lives.

Now that Tik Tok is banned, let us then go through some dramas produces by local production houses that depict the beautiful culture of our Islamic Republic!

If you do not understand sarcasm. Top right. There is a cross. Click it quick!

Moral Degradation of Society

It might seem hypocritical for the state to allow Khalil ur Rahman to spew hate on talk shows, for dramas to consistently justify domestic abuse, for mujras to take place at political events and stage shows flourish while banning a show like churails for “bold” language but I argue that it is completely in line with the state policies, and their opinion about women.

“Jalan” a drama about how two sisters like the same guy but he only likes one sister because she is nice. The other sister who is a bitch, and married to a completely different person, tries to sabotage her sister’s engagement so she can get a divorce and marry her sister’s fiancé.

Beautiful story.

“Jhooti,” a drama about this girl basically wanting sugar daddy at all costs(through halal marriage ofc). She bags sugar daddy, then fakes domestic abuse so she can get a divorce and get rich. At some point, she even tries to kill her unborn child or something I do not know.

Aisa hai mera Pakistan.

“Dilruba’ woman is popular on social media but is a certified player. So she plays with 6373738 guys, gets married to one of them, has a child, the husband dies. We also find out one of her 6633737 lovers was her dead husband’s brother. He is a good guy. He saves the day. A woman goes from player to sanskari bahu MA.

“Mera dil mera dushman;’ girl likes guy, guy likes girl, lekin abba nahin manein ge. You know what is next best thing? Get girl married to the older brother of the guy she likes. Who is old, has anger issues, and also carries out regular domestic abuse. But its all fine at least shareef insaan tou hai, MashaAllah. The husband learns the error of his ways, and the woman forgives him because woman always so forgiving.

“Zebaish,” to be very honest haven’t seen these, and this one lekin itna pata hai ke main character ke abbu ka bestie roz unn ke ghar aata hai. Then the father divorces the mom (Bushra Ansari). Turns out best friend of abbu always liked Bushra Ansari that’s why he came to the house regularly. Standard friendships in Pakistan. Now take this to the ordinary lifestyle of Bushra Ansari on her snapchat.

“Sabaat;’ a woman who is mentally ill and has control issues hates other women who her brother likes. Meraal (the guy’s sister) sets fire to the house, kicks brother out of the house, bribes brother’s best friend (ye kitne koi toxic besties hain bhai) to convince brother that wife is cheating on him, etc. Oh and, she marries her therapist “Y”? Professional ethics jayein bhaar mein, and we want mental health to be taken seriously LMAO.

And finally, the KING of all dramas made by feminist DESTROYER murshid Khalil. To sum up the story: a woman wants a rich husband but is stuck with a middle-class loser. The woman meets an upper-class loser who can play the flute. The woman has extramarital affair with a rich guy who refuses to get married to her (hmm). Turns out the rich guy is actually a middle-class loser also and has an undertaker-esque wife (seriously woman scared me in drama). Now, the woman wants the old middle-class loser back because he is now an upper-class loser. They meet and he has a heart attack like stereotypical Pakistanis since we eat SO MUCH OILY FOOD. The end. Beautiful script by champion of women’s rights, my murshid, Khalil.

Jami Filmmaker – A Victim of Male Sexual Harassment in Pakistan

So hypocrites in Pakistani media which always criticizes the idea of censorship have gone quiet after Jami revealed his rape story. Jami the director of films Moor and Operation 021 revealed that he was raped at the age of 34 by a media tycoon! Media within hours almost blacked out the story once the director’s posts and reactions that followed began to strongly suggest that it was CEO dawn depicts the emergent role of newspaper in Pakistan. The liberals seem to have gone quiet because this time the rapist is actually not a mullah but one of their own champions!

Jami Azaad is a wonderful director. The celebrated filmmaker didn’t deny when reactions to his post suggested that it was Hameed Haroon, the CEO of the dawn group. In the age of social media, Jami doesn’t need these rascals.

Stand for all victims all the time and it will be fixed. Selective activism is unjust.

Imagine, media groups’ filthy rich men sell a moral perspective channel through key icons! Technically, they protect each other like corrupt political parties. Dawn pulled down his rape story. Probably the Tycoon which Jami even didn’t name is influential enough in Dawn. This kind of confirms the perpetrator was Hameed Haroon. If so, he took disgusting advantage of his privilege.

Social media influencers are pocketed by these goons of big media houses. Also, liberals in Pakistan need to speak up if they actually mean what they say. From a moral perspective, they shouldn’t just go quiet because this time the accused is not a Mullah but one of their own! Imagine if liberal giants are behaving in such a way, what would be the case of conservative minnows.

SPOTLIGHT movie is the best depiction. Fortunately, karma catches up with the elite too so hang in there Jami, we have you in our thoughts. I hope you get the strength one day to name the predator.

Disclaimer: People would say Jami worked for USAID so he is on western agenda kind are the real culprits of the sort.

Yes, I am THIS PETTY when I’m angry. We are doomed to see this garbage repackaged each year in this country because art can go to die here. Anyone with an alternative opinion is told to either conform or leave. This shouldn’t EVEN BE AN ISSUE. So done with this bs.

So I am listing a few examples that will let you know how mainstream media has disrupted the other channels and media spaces soon after the sports page on the role of print media in Pakistan.

Ten Facts About Pathan Bacha Ahmad Shah

I am not here to write on role of media in Pakistan essay. A cute looking boy, born in a lower middle-class family, earning good money. That’s how it is, and that’s only how it should be seen… period!

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Inspired from Indian TV and local stage dramas, Pakistani media is all stunts and ratings only. The thing is it is our media heads and creatives that have failed to evolve good productions, have run out of ideas and grab whatever they can present! Our media heads are okay to earn millions but there is practically no R&D, no content development all that they want is ready-made! More recently, Nida Yasir, a morning TV show host invited a fat kid popularly know as “Pathan Wala Bacha” before he became a media sensation.

I heard from an unnamed source that Ahmed Shah has some health issues. By this definition of capitalism, we should undo all the work done over the last decade and reinforce child labor. So we keep the kids on the streets, the factory floor and the fields, stealing their childhood and education so that the poor stay poorer and the rich stay richer. We have complied Ten Stated Facts Checks about this pathan-kid Ahmad Shah:

  1. Ahmad Shah’s first video was recorded by his teachers at his school which is wrong on so many levels. Anyhow his video became viral as his teachers made his video in which he seemed oddly cute while being furious for his school bag belonging to him.
  2. The reason why I call this interesting is that it is a bit of influencer marketing but the influencer himself is behind the scenes i.e this kid’s uncle. Who recorded his second popular video. Also, I find this an interesting blend of viral content and influencer marketing. Kind of a blend we never really saw before or did we?
  3. Virat Kohli is fan of cute Pathan kid Ahmad Shah.
  4. Cute Pathan Bacha Ahmad Shah recites Quran Majeed.
  5. Ahmad Shah is popular in babes. Our morning shows, our Aftaar shows, our sehri shows literally have nothing interesting, they can discuss current affairs or provide giveaways or sell Islam while mudslinging different schools of thought. Lest no clue, they can grab Ahmed. A women deliberately lip-kissed this small baby making it appear as an honest mistake.
  6. Content/creative directors lack vision and are poor with the quality of shows that require such anchor points to grab ratings and remain in attention. Ahmad Shah features in Fahad Mustafa’s Jeeto Pakistan as the treasure hunter. As far as he’s getting paid and his well being plus education is unharmed I’m all up for endorsements featuring this boy.
  7. He will be on media as long as people want to see him (cuteness factor). Probably he will last for 2 to 3 years. That’s his future. He could become anything, he’s just a tiny guy. Maybe all this confidence might make him president of Pakistan.
  8. “Peechey toh Dekho” Star – Ahmed Shah in Ads now. Iqbal Oil for example. No offense to the kid but showing a fat kid isn’t going to help Iqbal Oil deliver a good message about the oil. Purelait on the contrary is a fresh milk distribution company. They captured the gist.
  9. Also the language of the kid isn’t recommended for others kids to adopt (“dekho” nhi “dekhein” kehtay hain achay bachay). If you believe that Malala is projecting a positive image of Pakistan, and this harmless toddler is not? This guy makes me laugh via the level of cuteness he possesses and no he’s not that “badtameez” at all, he’s done cute kid.

Brands use kids in their ads all the time so I don’t know if this is anything unethical. At the same time, this boy media life span is only 6 months. Once upon a time, there was a one-pound fish wala… Once upon a time there was chai wala… Once upon a time there was LP records wala…

Patriotism System Update: Neelam Muneer ISPR Item Song

Double standards. Do you know how many radio stations in Pakistan? No. Because it does not matter. Jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai.

From singing at the border to boost them up to item songs. We have evolved. After Hamza Ali Abbasi ‘s religious chaddi dips, we present Neelam Munir’s patriotic thumkas. It is a total war. Patriotism needs ITEM SONG. We entered into New arena of patriotism.

I did this Song only because this movie is a project of ISPR. Perhaps this is the first and last Item Song of my life. But you all know that what ever I do, I own it and I do it with pride. Pakistan key liey mari Jan hamesha hazir hey. I’m sure you all will go and watch this movie. Enjoy !!! — Neelam Muneer Khan

I find the Instagram video by Neelum Muneer very funny and bizarre at the same time. After few days she will say my account is hacked. Lest she has already deactivated her twitter. What is the politics behind this Jism 3 by ISPR? She should not put this on ISPR, there is no benefit of this item song to ISPR or to a fighting soldier. This is on her and she thinks that the item songs are not good then it doesn’t matter who is offering her the money.

وہ نیلم پر بم مار رہے ہیں اور ہم نیلم سے آئٹم کروا رہے ہیں۔

The next Tamgha-e-Imtiaz goes to #Neelam Muneer Khan on her remarkable performance of Item number only for ISPR. I am personally against the idea of ISPR investing money in films. The great surprise for Hindustan’ is supporting Lollywood this was what DG ISPR talked about sometime back. This was just sad and kind of pathetic on so many levels!

Well, of course, the woman is supposed to play the role the state asks of her. Soon the Pakistan Studies curriculum will include a new point in citizen responsibilities which will be to perform an item dance for the love of Pakistan Army. Neelam Muneer Khan looked great especially since she was the only female in the gang in Chupan Chupai. Now, Neelam Muneer is featuring besides Sami Khan in an ISPR movie named Kaaf Kangana. Neelam Muneer’s stance on this dance number ” Khabon Main” from film Kaaf Kangana came up where she declared this item number as her first and last item number.

ISPR love items songs! And, there is no need to curse Neelam Muneer Khan. She is doing what any other actress would do, keeping in mind the current media situation.

جے گل میراثیاں تک آگئی اے تے بہتر اے صلح کرلو

Lowkey Samaa Anchor Mocking Nasir Khan Jan (Later Apologized)

Media consumption in Pakistan is to spice up things. Samaa News anchor was irresponsible and his treatment was unethical. He called Khan Jan’s dance video “vulgar” – but it’s clear that it’s only because Khan Jan’s image does not align with Shuaeb’s idea of masculinity”.

Let’s identify that our real problem with people like Nasir Khan Jan and Qandeel Baloch is a socio-economic one. The same things done by rich celebrities is somehow tolerable but God forbid someone from a different social class tries to sing, dance or celebrate their bodies.

The same happened to Nasir Khan Jan, a Pakistani social media sensation when Samaa TV invited him to the show to shout on him! How Nasir Khan has proved to be a much better person. Someone needed to peg his testosterone down a notch and tell him that raising his voice doesn’t raise his argument, standard or his values. That someone became social media. The way Nasir Khan Jan has handled this bully is commendable.

Dear Shoaib, before teaching Nasir Khan Jan about vulgarity, entertainment, and blogging. I wish someone had taught ethics, moral and basic manners regarding how to speak to guests especially when you’re trying to earn through their presence. Samaa TV is also fully responsible as no producer intervened while the anchor continued his ruthless and disgusting comments on Nasir. Samaa is full of drama. It’s the next version of Hindi movies. No host bashes guest, the kind of culture they are promoting is alarming.

Nasir Khan Jan” videos are much better than the dirty politics and these media channels who are main cause of depression for the public of Pakistan. Nasir Khan Jan could at least make you laugh, and help you to forget such sorrows. Someone suggested that this was aligned to Mehdi Hassan show where he confronts the guests with face to face questions. However, this looser anchor on the other hand is straight up insulting Nasir Khan Jan just because of something he believes Nasir Khan Jan shouldn’t do. The host and guest doesn’t have to believe in the same thing. Even I believe that what he does shouldn’t be encouraged, but questioned. Piers Morgan does it quite often on his Morning Shows.

This was pretty shameful – I know morning shows are not doing well on most channels, but this one on Samaa takes the cake – invites a guest only to insult him – copying this from Arnab Goswami I presume who has perfected it to an art – credit to Nasir Khan Jan who kept his cool. That’s how one should respond to this ‘holier than thou’ attitude of these pretenders who’d do anything for ratings. You’ve made us proud, Nasir! No matter what you think of this guy, Nasir Khan Jan truly is a great person. He didn’t just handle that criticism (bullying) elegantly, he also gave respect and forgave when he could’ve easily shown arrogance. Truly remarkable.

The sooner TV channels realisze that young audiences on Digital demand different journalism the better it is. For every profession there is a need of a license like for doctors, engineers, a lawyer but what is the proof for a Journalist that he is a REAL JOURNALIST or a accidental? Most of TV anchors are accidental who don’t have any background of Journalism. It is really Pathetic. This anchor is humiliating the guest which is against the spirit of Journalism. 

Meray dil se ap meray bhai ho. — Shameful Anchor

Eventually, an apology is quite amazing to see. The next step is for us to all create space and acceptance for Nasir Khan Jan and other Pakistanis like him who we ostracize and shame. This can be a huge learning moment for all of us, not just the anchor in question.

BOL Network Ripping-Off Privacy from Pakistani TV Viewership

There are other problems of media in Pakistan. It was odd for one of my colleagues to actually sit on a “rishta” table since “larki-ka-bhai” knew the rumors behind Axact which owned the BOL Network. “Papa they are involved in heinous web-hosting, I know”, larki-ka-bhai said. To be true, in last three of my four nervous disposition appearing before any interview panel (may it be for job or graduate school application), I committed not to tell the full version of the story. Even not the half-truth. I never show that I was the first technical hire from Islamabad. Selected as the coordinator on a team of four Engineers from *NUST, COMSATS, UET, and AIR University; it meant big ownership and determination to say the least. Yet they were wasting us. They needed us to misguide people. We had a bubble of self-ego not to admit it. I was lying too.

pakistan news channel rating 2019

Why BOL Network never became a lasting entity? From the selection process to fieldwork, BOL Network was a lie. A lie not to be told. Validation to the account: I got approached by


Waking up to the voice of my conscience, I left BOL a few months before the Axact saga. Do not even bother to count the exact period. Thereby, starting up a small scale business of my own. Had it not been a well-timed decision, I believe my career was ruined. Disparaging to my career growth, BOL Network put stigmas on my professional profile. I am washing off important footage to let go of my stained past. God forbid me for making mothers believe that their wards will get a guaranteed job if they installed the spy HDR device.

No people it does not improve the quality of your signal reception. Remove it.

Unfortunately, BOL Network is live now and promoting Tik Tok wars. However, all of these people who initially joined BOL for a job have left it concerning long term prospects. Think of stooping too low. Bol will. ___________________________________________________________________________________




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