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Zorays Khalid
general bajwa
general bajwa


General Asim Bajwa and Pakistan Ex Servicemen Society

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Most people in the Army join for a stable financial income, but for some reason, everyone likes to pretend that it is some sacrifice for the nation. And that if it is, soon after their retirement, they should continue to work for the professional associations related to armed forces instead of joining Businesses, Education, Welfare, Health, Construction.,Production, Travel, Tourism, IT, Banking, Agriculture, Trading, Think Tank, Universities, Colleges and Schools, sports, transportation, hospitality, media; you name it, and it’s there where they would like to serve.

Army Brats herald a Status Symbol

To them, rest of us are lesser citizens or rather less patriotic because we to them we would not take a bullet. Jab hum raat ko sukoon ki neend so rahay hotay hain yeh bahadur foji sarhado pe duty de rhay hotay hain. It’s their job. It is the same in every country in the world. Have you seen any Army anywhere in the rest of the world, having so much facilities as our Army. Just like hardly anyone goes to medical college for “dukhi insaniat ki khidmat”. Why concept of professional hazard is so foreign to this particular institution? I’m sorry bro but that shit ain’t gonna fly anymore.. our Armed Forces are well compensated for their “sacrifices”. In a country like Pakistan, where most people live under $5 a day, they have free health care, free education, subsidized living through CSD, and guaranteed wealth generation after retirement through plots, pension etc. I have absolutely no doubt about the sacrifices our armed forces have to endure. Still, I will not ignore the atrocities they have perpetrated on their people, whether it was Gen. Ayub Khan who assassinated Fatima Jinnah or Gen. Musharraf who purposely executed Kargil Operation when peace between Pakistan and India had been a real reality but we will never know.. peace with India means rozi roti nahe chalni thi na.. kis kis baat peh batoun?

Sacrifice looks like DHA and Askari

Nowhere in the world, the Army has commercial properties or businesses. It just happens in Pakistan! That is why our Army has become something else. Largest, most profitable business empire in the country, zero fucking accountability because bloody civilians can’t possibly question my hard-earned tax money going to them.. oh they’re fighting “terrorists”? Bhai koi pooche yeh terrorists aye kider se? Yeah.. The idea has been sold perfectly to poor Pakistanis, to accomplish super-Paki status and accumulate wealth.

I am asking dangerous questions here. Why do most generals, who ostensibly put their lives on the line for Pakistan, send their family to comfortably settle abroad? No faith in the work they’re doing?

The retirees are an excellent think tank force

Here polishing your shoes becomes equal to the trait of discipline. Take, for instance, this retired Army professional, Ibrahim Khan without realizing that cult mentality is all they end up spreading.

It was at 52 when the profession that I loved more than life considered me done with like the majority of us a few years earlier or later. Was this what I had aspired to be starting my real struggle at life when I was only 12 and joined boarding accounting for myself. Would polish my shoes, pack and list my laundry, follow a strict routine in life and entered the competition, wanting to be on the top, sports, studies, extra circular activities or whatever came up as a challenge in life. There was fun, gloom, joy and sorrow all mixed. Then came a time to choose the profession I would like to lead. Want to be him, leading , and him I was, top my courses and topped them to a stage, get married to the love of my life, married I was. Lead the best of career that one could have had. Considered my self Napoleon of my time. Then comes one incident , I lie low and take it or stand up like a gentleman. What do you expect. Of course stand up. A turning point and a slip I made. Spent rest of my career making up for it. The dream that I lived for now started becoming hard to attain. Giving up was never in my chemistry.

There was such great potential to have been well utilized but our system just leaves you to your own. We are left to fade away. What a waste of life. We live for our selves and family but that surely is certainly not the purpose of life.

Not giving up means continuing to be as useful as possible, in spite knowing there is little one can really do. We must put our heads together and find usefulness to the remaining years of our life. The fifteen most useful remaining years on the average of our life must not go a waste. Nation building and prosperity and useful employment and a satisfying role that we all aspire for.

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Why can’t we have a corporate system on the lines of Fauji Foundation and AWT. We all contribute from half a million to a million each as investment/ security and then join this huge well organized Foundation. We could have the main secretariat at Pindi/ Islamabad and a regional provincial secretariat. Twenty to Thirty selected businesses handled at each secretariat with 10 officers in each business, 20 Jcos and 40 NCOs and 100 men with an investment of 30 to 50 million( with central loan facility). We would be able to employ quite a large number . There could be same numbers of professionals at the Officer/ JCOs/ NCOs level. Are given a wide range of activities to choose from, including work from home and based on our ability and talent are assigned a slot and role to play. We contribute and earn double our pension.Even if 50% of us retiring early in life want to join this effort , we will not end up doing nothing and leading a wasteful life.

Family and grand children will certainly be better enjoyed. The system should have ample excursion leave and opportunity to see the world as part of one of the businesses of this foundation.

It would be a registered Holding Company and well governed and administered by the veterans with no hold on it by GHQ.

All our departments of the government could take a lead from this and be self governed and accounting.

The talent and desire to be usefully self employed would thus be met. The huge investment this poor nation has made in us would be well returned. This is how nations are built. Yes we could even aspire to be part of the electoral system, remaining within the system I propose , with all the backing. Its a wholesome way of life I propose we need to ponder and formulate. I leave a thought for my friends, seniors and juniors to ponder . Take up from here and make this collective wish of ours come true. Amin.


This is not just one person. They Assume to be all in all. This person has built a really good case for him as President PESS and wishes to be voted so he can launch Veterans Holding Foundation so they double their pensions. On same grounds as being followed by AWT and Fauji Foundation where percent goes in pays, here it would be 50%. To him, rest goes into its expansion.


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AWT and fauji foundation success stories are based on the backing of military and many out of turn or out of merit contracts. Tax exemptions, and undue favours. Anything to do with the army way has to be rank based. May not be acceptable to those who left earlier. Individual interests are safeguarded and many senior serving or retired generals destroy the existing army systems by recommending incompetent and non deserving individuals in the name of unit officers, regimentation etc.

Mischievous General Asim Bajwa Retirement

Now coming to the case of Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa former DG ISPR (succeeded by Mahobili’s love Asif Ghafoor) and current Chairman CPEC with Asim Bajwa car wrongly stated worth Rupees 30 lac Land Cruiser/Prado, 99 companies, 130 franchises, 13 commercial properties including two shopping centres in US in Asim Saleem Bajwa wife and rest of the family’s name. While Asim Saleem Bajwa son, Eusha purchased 2 houses in United States when Lieutenant General Asim Saleem Bajwa was commander Southern Command.

The guy (still) in charge of $62 billion worth of projects that will shape the future of this country & its residents for generations, has settled all his kids & family in the US? Does he not have faith in the future he is building? What’s in it for him to ensure it’s good?

It’s different if it’s any ordinary individual. Other countries offer better quality of life, social mobility and so on. Who doesn’t want that? But we’re talking about no ordinary person. This person is shaping the future of those who don’t have an option to leave.

Sir “money trail de dein, saazish khud b khud hi khtm hojyegi – itna mushkil to nhi apni safayi pesh krna”. But before that Asim Saleem Bajwa resignation both as Special Advisor to the Prime Minister and as Chairman CPEC is awaited. 

The real question is who will speak up? The one’s who follow the line drawn by our constitution ‘unfortunately’ miss a course that is mandatory for their promotion or they embrace martyrdom in the line of duty.







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