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Muhammad Waseem boxer latest fight
Muhammad Waseem boxer latest fight


Muhammad Waseem Pakistani Boxer – Belts First Brand Endorsements Later

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Do you know which Pakistani boxer maintained his position as the world boxing council’s (WBC) number one? The simple answer is Muhammad Waseem. Muhammad Waseem is a Pakistani professional boxer from Quetta who is well known for his quick and swift style of boxing and is nicknamed “Falcon”. Muhammad Waseem used to train in Floyd’s gym by Jeff Mayweather. One of the biggest names in the world. Muhammad Waseem’s a Pakistani flyweight boxer with a great 9-1 record. He has never touched the canvas. He was a world champion. And will be again. At the time of writing, Muhammad Waseem is ranked by the IBF in their top 5, though their rankings are set to be updated in the very near future.

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The 30-year-old Waseem was a former Pakistani amateur standout who signed professionally with Korean promoter Andy Kim. Under Kim’s guidance, Muhammad Waseem Boxer raced into the WBC world rankings, scoring notable wins over Jether Oliva and Giemel Magramo in 2016.

After those wins, it looked like Waseem was nailed on to get a shot at the WBC title, though funding issues and problems with the Pakistani government releasing money promised to the fighter prevented his team from getting a shot. But this champ and his friends have no faith in Pakistani brands either:




Im not fighting to get istaqbals at the airport. Im fighting so that Pakistan gets good Istaqbal all over the world. Every fight, every camp, every training, every tour, is another opportunity for me to show the boxing world the world class boxing talent Pakistan has — Muhammad Waseem

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Why hasn’t any brand chosen to invest in Muhammad Waseem or other Pakistani Boxers yet?

Muhammad Waseem has defeated former two times World champion Ganigan Lopez in World Title fight in Dubai and fights around the world. I’m sure any brand can get a lot of mileage through him. So what do you think is the reason for his lack of local sponsors? The sad reality of our marketing in Pakistan is that no one has the guts to be of support to athletes and do something new (other than Cricket). Everyone wants is to support two minutes of fame individuals. Small people in big offices. The tragedy of Pakistan.

He’s an exceptional athlete and an even better human being. But the brands in Pakistan just want to follow the trend. Even big companies are scared to try something new. It all depends on the will and grooming of the nation. Bitter truth but many people especially locally are listening to his name the first time. So maybe he wouldn’t be the first choice of brands since the local audience wouldn’t be much familiar with him or in this sport of boxing. The fact that his name is not that well known among the masses despite being the best Pakistani Boxer presents an opportunity for brands that should think and act outside of their comfort zone and I am sure both would benefit from it! 

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Amir Khan Pakistani Boxer (hails from Pakistan) wasn’t really helping the current pros like Muhammad Waseem, Pakistani Boxer Muhammad Ali, and Pakistani Boxer Syed Hussain Shah yet, particularly Waseem who’s the best boxer in the nation until after recently, Muhammad Waseem has had an amazing workout at English Pakistani Boxer Amir Khan Academy in Bolton. This time around Amir Khan declare to host a second professional boxing event in Lahore this 19th December where main fight Boxer Muhammad Waseem especially will showcase his uppercuts and jabs. He has requested prime minister Imran Khan come to the main Boxing event in Governor House Punjab and please support Pakistan talent lot’s of Boxing talent in Pakistan.

If this Pakistani Boxer did something stupid and went viral then everyone will be lining up to be associated with him. Please apply the same criteria to your cricketers. Their performance just might improve. Pakistan’s number one boxer Muhammad Waseem will fight in Lahore for the first time. Event Details (RSVP):





December 19th at the Governor House.


The fight will be for the WBC World Boxing Council Middle East title, the first EVER Wbc boxing event in Pakistan.


Live on PTV Sports Official.



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