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Mahira Khan Five Year Old Open Affair Ended in Marriage

By selling subscriptions for just 1-1 rupee on Tapmad, Mahira Khan achieved success. Never underestimate the small steps you take towards success. Congratulations to Mahira and Karim.

Mahira Khan got married. It had to be. That is how it should be. I remember when an open back sensual dress made Pakistanis go ga-ga when she was seen smoking next to Ranbir Kapoor. There were clearly hickeys on her back.

Mahira Khan got married to a businessman Salim Karim

Salim Karim, who is a seasonal business man, tied knot with her yesterday. Salim Karim is the techpreneur whose Fintech startup SimCash is based in fifteen different countries across the world. He is also the CEO of ENI and owns Tapmad. It is the institute for which I gave my first job interview at GIKI campus. He is a philanthropist and patrons Pakistan Blind Cricket Team.

This news has fallen as an earthquake upon Mahira Khan’s fans. She adored a beautiful Ash-gray with the tones of white ghaghra-choli English-Desi fusion dress and the wedding event was Hawaiian styled. She was seen walking down the aisle just as in Christian orthodox weddings inspired by Hollywood movies.

Mahira Khan got married at 38

Mahira Khan ties the knot with her longtime beau, Salim Karim, in a romantic ceremony at PC Bhurban. Mahira Khan’s partner was in tears as she walked down the aisle. And why not? Of all the contenders Mahira Khan, not-a-gold-digger or what-if-she-is, chose the tycoon. Mahira khan married the guy she’s been dating for more than 5years and most people have never seen him before. So Pakistani celebrities, if the biggest star of the country can keep her love life private. You can too. Only if you really want to.

Mahira Khan as a bride

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan married Salim Karim in a private ceremony at Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban. While photography was restricted, Anushay Talha and photographer Izzah Shaheen Malik shared fleeting glimpses on Instagram. Mahira Khan, renowned for her roles in films such as ‘Bol’ and ‘Raees,’ has found happiness following her divorce from Ali Askari in 2015, with whom she shares a son, Azlan.

This is a reminder to never cease believing in love; it will return to you time and time again. It will discover you, even when you least expect it.

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