North Nazimabad The Joyland of Hazim Bangwar

I remember how Tony Navaid Rashid bhai was a different personality in real and what he portrayed on showbiz was a different persona.

Bullied as a Chakka and compared with Bilawal BZ, Hazim Bangwar is a different niche of CSS officers. Why are the media and public intruding on his personal life? He is free to do whatever he wants in his free time after fulfilling his duties. He has a strong educational background, having obtained an LLB degree from the UK and studying in NY. He has a passion for music and modeling and is also a singer. He deserves to be appreciated.

One should not judge a person based on appearance, as this individual may be far superior to corrupt officials who are contributing to the destruction of the country or nation. As long as he is fulfilling his duties with integrity, his personal life should not be a concern.

Social media has given people the right to criticize others, even those who have not passed a basic exam. They become commentators without any qualifications. They are not only critical of Assistant Commissioners but also of stars. None of us are perfect. Let’s spread love instead of hate. Let’s work hard instead of criticizing. Success will come to you too. This is not a campaign against bureaucracy, but rather a violation of a person based on their social/gender identity. Everyone should reject and discourage this behavior.

Hazim Bangwar was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1993 and moved to New York when he was 6 years old. He grew up in New York and later lived in Pakistan for 3 years and in London for 6 years where he received degrees in Fashion Design & Marketing and LLB. During his time in London, he developed a passion for creating music and eventually signed a 2-year deal with Interscope Records after being discovered by the CEO Jimmy Lovine. Hazim became recognized for his hip-hop writing skills and wrote for various artists such as Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, and Future. In November 2019, he released his first single “Haram” which charted on international music charts, making him the first Pakistani singer to reach international charts with an English song. He went on to become an ambassador for 3 major companies and released his second song “Hell Ya” in February 2020 which also charted on international charts. In 2021, Hazim released his first Urdu song “Tujhko Bhulaya” which earned him national recognition. He qualified for the SPSC examination and is currently serving as an Assistant Commissioner in Karachi Central.

Is Hazim Bangwar a Hedonist?

As an Assistant Commissioner, we should focus on evaluating his work. It does not matter how he dresses or lives his life. The Pakistani people are not interested in this. They have their own problems, like children locked up in rooms, making TikTok videos. However, here, everyone is acting like a preacher. We are a diplomatic nation.

I have reviewed the profile of Hazim Bangwar and found him to be a competent and caring officer. I observed his work through his wall during the monsoon season and for other projects. People should be evaluated based on their work rather than their personal lives. The constitution of Pakistan (1973) states in Article 9 that everyone has the right to live according to their own lifestyle and deserves respect. Do not judge his abilities based on his gender. Regardless of gender, he has achieved success and deserves recognition and support for his good qualities, intelligence, and talent.

At the same time, I cannot confirm whether or not he is transgender. However, I do not understand the connection between gender confusion and fashion. Actors and many people can have a stylish appearance, but what kind of styling would a man (who is truly a man) not want to do? Stop normalizing these things and stop making the nation insensitive to such issues. Today you may find these things acceptable, but tomorrow you may want to live as a woman instead of a man, and then gender discrimination will also seem normal to many people. If a man wants to adopt a manly style, it makes sense, but the situation here is strange.

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