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Zorays Khalid

Business Polls

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Now optimistic is leading which is a great sign
For your company/business budget 2021, which strategy will you follow?

Sales and marketing is always been an important organ of an organization. Without sales and marketing, how a company can sell its products or services? However, E-Commerce majorly relies on MIS and supply chain with the digital marketing team.

I believe in 2021 every single person will go for smart/limited spending. Achieving sales targets will be a bit tougher. Something to ponder about ~ some businesses which don’t have a competitive or comparative advantage in the market depends highly on personal selling or marketing promos. Whereas other businesses like TCS /DHL highly depend on their field supply chain operations – just to give an example.

Times are tough but hang in there, better times to come IA

Who presently has the ideal satisfying and best rewarding job one could ask for?


Incompetent person can be trained
Which kind of employee would you definitely not want in your team?

Dishonesty comes with Disloyalty. Disloyal one can never be honest. That’s my take. It depends upon the leader’s passion; a bad reputation can also be changed.

Better salary with career growth opportunity
If you are employed, what would your main reason to switch jobs?

Lack of growth and bad bosses make any job dead with squeezed out motivation and passion. The leader should generate and share the opportunities available in the market by utilizing his sources and hand over his team to perform.



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